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highly decorated earthenware with a glaze of tin oxide


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In addition to Majolica pottery, other trades--nail, iron, steel, and silk industries--found their center here.
George Jones is one of the most coveted names in majolica, and items made at the George Jones factory are some of the most elegantly designed and beautifully crafted.
Both express an idea of modernity, but whereas Lechner's is curvaceous and highly decorative, the Austrian's was austere, rectilinear: grey granite and aluminium rather than bright majolica.
The bridesmaids carried bouquets of white hydrangeas with accents of majolica white and blush spray roses and sweet Akito roses.
The second is illuminated with examples of works of art from Ancient Egypt and Greece, Asia and Europe, including a suit of medieval armour, two Ming Qilins (mythical East Asian hooved creature), and four designs from the ROM's collection of majolica.
and painted majolica over--firing, ceramics processes, with which Ontani is concerned (which are so admirably followed by Bottega Gatti and with the constant direction of Davide Servadei, experienced graduate of ceramic art), the attention to detail is paramount.
We swear by Majolica Majorca's Lash King mascara (P795) in BK999.
And with its holly border, it's ideal for festive celebrations at this time of year (pictured left It's made from majolica, a type of colourful lead-glazed earthenware pottery popular in the mid-19th century, by one of its leading exponents, George Jones.
At the fort, they discovered Spanish iron nails and tacks, majolica pottery and an iron clothing hook that would have been used for attaching sword scabbards to belts.
A second studio in the countryside near the lake of Bracciano allows us to utilise gas kilns for majolica, raku and lustre firings as well as to host additional workshops and resident artists.
Some of the designs evolved from my pottery work in Spanish majolica and a love for ceramic tile patterns from both the old and new worlds.
Try: Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek (P495) if you want a blusher that's long-lasting minus the stickiness; or Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush (P545) to get a natural color that fits all skin tones.
After a short flight to Urgench, guests will stop in Khiva to explore the antiquities of Ichan Kala (Old City) and the Khiva Silk Carpet Workshop to watch apprentice carpet makers hand-weave silk rugs patterned after Khiva-style majolica tiles, doors and miniature paintings.
Entering the gallery, one came across a series of three-dimensional collages, assemblages of found furniture, dismantled and reassembled lamps, old majolica, glassware, and memorabilia of the recent past, including gadgets and posrers.
The figures were decorated with low-fired lead glazes in green, blue, yellow and brown, glazes similar to those found on some kinds of majolica.