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a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers

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In the end, though, it's a tool best left to furious maitre d's and frustrated pet-owners.
According to Maitre D's, one celebrity gets the entire menu read to him every time he comes in.
Savage chefs and maniacal maitre d's will still hunt you down and saute your soul.
He merely appeared, Mr Benn-like,from wherever it is that maitre d's inhabit (what comes after the d,anyway?
But it doesn't assure them great treatment from French maitre d's.
s most famous maitre d's, Bernard Erpicum, late of Spago and the St.
While adding the tips automatically is a nice convenience, I wonder how much is skimmed from the top by NCL, how much goes to the maitre d's (whom we generally do not tip), and how much is actually left over for the hardworking staff.
Ask buyers, sommeliers, maitre d's or bottle shops who are the good agents," he said.
I didn't, and in between the maitre d's podium and the restaurant's best table I could think of no one in Luxembourg to call to find out.
Left: Germany's Sven Hannawald taking a practice jump during training at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Park CityAbove right: Italian maitre d's test the water during a course to learn about the correct mineral waters to be served with different foodsRight: Horses for courses - participants get to grips with the ground during the skijoring event of the White Turf Horse Race on the frozen lake at St Moritz, Switzerland
And if your travels take you out of the country, there's no reason to resort to desperate hand gestures with uncomprehending waiters and maitre d's.
This is understandable, because dell employees today not only need a mechanic's understanding of the meat cutter but a maitre d's knowledge of meal choices from around the world.
Unlike the fierce leisure world of Capote's Answered Prayers, where diners are carefully ranked by ressentiment personified in the form of judgmental maitre d's, everyone at the Fountainebleau is treated as a Totally Adequate Consumer.
His publications have appeared, but not yet influenced paper futures, nor have maitre d's at hushed brass and rose-studded restaurants begun to recognize his countenance in queue.
Wrapped in the comfort of his Alexander Julian suits, his fully loaded Range Rover and the deep respect of Southern California's best maitre d's, Griffin need never suffer the indignity of doubt, whether inflicted by himself or others.