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a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers

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The company has selected a team of highly seasoned and internationally ascribed Chefs and maitre d'hotel from the Middle Eastern terrain, who will arouse the original taste in each platter to be served.
Maitre d'hotel of sorts, she is that and much more.
The maitre d'hotel was chatting, disturbing the steering, with a consequent impact on concentration," he added.
Ocean Countess - all set to sail on her first cruise from the Mersey Pictures: GAVIN TRAFFORD Maitre d'hotel Balazs Schweitzer lays the tables in the dining room of the Ocean Countess
Francois Menon's Science du maitre d'hotel cuisinier (1749) recorded eight coffee-based desserts, including the first coffee ice cream.
deshonrados cuando el maitre d'hotel del balneario no hace caso de
Foreigners also found employment as managers of hotels and restaurants, with many making their way up from waiters and moving from one European city to another, with the hope of eventually securing a position as a maitre d'hotel.
Philippe, the maitre d'hotel, greets me in the restaurant foyer with a thin, pasted smile, a curl of the upper lip.
This person may be called the maitre d'hotel, the director of service, or the host or hostess (referred to as host in this chapter).
The establishment's maitre d'hotel, Geoffrey Gelardi, was then invited to be a guest critic to review Winner's movie Dirty Weekend (1995) which he reviewed as: 'So awful as to be indescribable'.
The bill of fare includes appetizers of chicken liver pate with calvados and hazelnuts, tomato and aged cheddar canapes, Old English spiced beef roast with assorted mustards, potatoes a la maitre d'hotel, roasted vegetables, and trifle, along with coffee, tea, and wine.
The author also provides fascinating details about the service of food under the direction of the butler of Monticello, Malcolm Hemings (and a succession of Hemings kin over several decades), and in the Washington residence under a French maitre d'hotel.
Attended diligently by the maitre d'hotel who ensured that everything was to our satisfaction, even advising on my meagre knowledge of the grape, we tucked in.
They may be supervised by the head waiter or waitress, known as the maitre d'hotel.
An alternative title for this might be Une vie de maitre d'hotel, using a similarly ironic narrator figure as the vehicle for a devastating satirical attack; except that here Lopes's target is not the colonial authorities, but the African dictators who seem to have surpassed the worst excesses of their former masters.