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those in a business responsible for maintaining the physical plant

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He also directed for circulation of telephone numbers and other information of the maintenance staff to the public.
Imagine how much time maintenance staff members could save if they had access to their own customized, digital floor plans of the property and each unit.
Typical machinery assessments take equipment offline and congregate maintenance staff, so it is the perfect time to conduct B-probe inspections.
Around 25 maintenance staff at Fazakerley hospital have gone on a six-day strike in a continuing row over pay.
As a result of one of the carrier's cost reduction measures that lowered the overtime rate by 17% some aircraft maintenance staff did not work overtime during the morning of 4 February 2012.
Following are some basic tips for maintenance staff to consider this fall:
IBM said that the new software provides real-time information at the fingertips of maintenance staff across the expansive territory they need to maintain.
BALLOT: Street cleaners and grounds maintenance staff voted unanimously to ballot for industrial action in a row over shift changes and pay
Maintenance staff will be on strike for the full four days.
Afterwards, you would work alongside experienced maintenance staff and take further training in Personal Track Safety basic first aid and lookout and hand signalling duties.
Make maintenance staff aware of replacement protocols and warranties so that they can take steps to ensure that warranty equipment is ordered and received properly.
Shredding trash helps protect pumping equipment, eliminates the need for emergency plumber services, and protects maintenance staff from dangerous exposure to harmful material.
District office, educational services and maintenance staff decorated the birds with clothes, hats and jewelry.
However, the mill's maintenance staff has been impressed with the robust design of the pumps.
The error is believed to have been caused by multiple factors including a malfunctioning altimeter showing different data for the pilot and the copilot, an erroneous assumption by the pilot and the failure of maintenance staff to give the pilot proper guidance.
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