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the prevailing current of thought

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Mainstreamers in turn see critical approaches, when taken to their antipositivist extreme, as becoming empirically inaccurate and detached from the real world.
That's pretty much the polar opposite of Nissan, a manufacturer who ditched mainstreamers like the Almera and Primera to concentrate on SUVs, sports cars and crossover models like the Qashqai and Juke.
In the introduction to <i>Still in Print</i>, Gretlund suggests that the "southern writers of the new millennium are not homogenized mainstreamers and are not immune to the great changes in their region" (2).
In comparison, mainstreamers (47%) and traditionalists (45%) together account for more than 90% of media users in the case of Denmark.
In other words, Dolan is making the following argument: Libertarians (13) attack mainstreamers for setting up an ideal system, perfect competition, and then complaining that the real world does not live up to this bit of nirvana.
He started out as an opening act for other, more orthodox, US blues artists like John Spencer's Blues Expolsion and RL Burnside but also opened for mainstreamers like Franz Ferdinand.
It sounds like the Jazz Prophets will please mainstreamers and modern fans alike.
Driving this car, which does everything that is claimed of with ease, calls to mind the rapid rise of Hyundai from a cheap and cheerful Korean fringe import decades ago to one of the country's mainstreamers.
The mainstreamers of this research attempted to manage the tension between their identification with governing images propagated by public health and their desire for pleasure by regulating their alcohol and other drug use in certain ways.
Even more frustrating for mainstreamers, you simply can't wish them away.
We speculate that mainstreamers are more likely to be the sons and daughters of people born and race in America.
Therefore mainstreamers Peter, Kevin and Michelle are likely to be innocent.
The SMA Maturity Model depicts a pathway for three levels: Mainstreamers, Movers, and Masters.
Societies with Mainstreamers forming between 30 and 60% of the population include Angola, Ghana and Kenya.