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the prevailing current of thought

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Even more frustrating for mainstreamers, you simply can't wish them away.
Therefore mainstreamers Peter, Kevin and Michelle are likely to be innocent.
The SMA Maturity Model depicts a pathway for three levels: Mainstreamers, Movers, and Masters.
Societies with Mainstreamers forming between 30 and 60% of the population include Angola, Ghana and Kenya.
An article on Islamists of 1990s argues that "Islamic mainstreamers defend the current oligarchic, capitalist structure of the Turkish regime and demand Islamicization of the system without thorough structural transformation on economic and political fronts.
However, are we to stand by nicely when mainstreamers savage Austro-libertarians, and be limited to comments the mothers of the critics would not find offensive?
Taguchi and Forsythe: (1) to encourage other mainstream oncologists to honor the treatment preferences of patients; (2) to interest other mainstreamers in truly integrating alternative with standard cancer care.
The more prestige these mainstreamers have in their own fields, the better.
Believe me, these Jewish-Israeli mainstreamers are not natural-born monsters.
It targeted those seen by mainstreamers as the scum of society: Negroes, Mexicans and jazz musicians.
Mainstreamers such as Paris Spring are eagerly signing annual contract with MP, while top consumer brands like L'Oreal actively cooperate with MP to promote their new products.
Then, as it often is with art that is not as literal or figurative as many mainstreamers seem to like, she sat in her booth and waited while festival and fair goers hemmed and hawed over her more interpretive pieces.
But don't forget (even if you've tried) that bland mainstreamers M People are former winners, and the only true limelightshunning act to win this decade are 2005 winners Antony And The Johnsons.
The kind a lot of Hollywood mainstreamers would probably pass on.
Two weeks after TCT, I went to Los Angeles, CA, for the CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) Expo West, a conference and tradeshow aimed at naturopathic and holistic physicians, as well as mainstreamers interested in making the transition.