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the usual method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects differing from those produced by the disease itself

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Alternative and mainstream medicine should not compete but instead complement each other, he said.
Diet has started to play a key role in mainstream medicine as it helps one cope up with the side- effects of medications and treatment, and helps boost the immune system too," says Dr Neerja Kaul, internal medicine specialist.
His persistent ability to express the need for integrated care in passionate but coherent writings and presentations, acting as an itinerant preacher proselytizing to the uninformed (and often antagonistic) leaders and practitioners in mainstream medicine and mental health.
But according to Erika Janik, homeopathy--the theory that sickness can be treated by ingesting infinitesimal doses of substances diluted in liquid--may deserve an infinitesimal measure of credit for advancing mainstream medicine.
It's hardly surprising the Bessant family were not overly impressed with mainstream medicine .
Since then, the unappealing remedy has lingered on the fringes of mainstream medicine.
When presented with anecdotal evidence about herbal remedies, practitioners of mainstream medicine often point to psychological factors such as the placebo effect.
Eshkevari, herself also a licensed acupuncturist, said that understanding the Chinese practice on a molecular level should make it more acceptable in mainstream medicine.
Russell, who works at the Spire Hospital, sees his work as complementary to mainstream medicine.
One of the strengths of mainstream medicine is the constant testing and retesting of what we accept as true.
If psychiatrists are demeaned by mainstream medicine for holistically caring for their patients, then it's no wonder psychiatry is a specialty on its way out.
Larger studies will have to be done for validation of this therapy and bringing it to mainstream medicine as a new therapeutic option for patients with coronary artery disease .
Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) is defined as all those healing modalities that are not part of mainstream medicine.
It seems, over time, mainstream medicine began to buy in.
There are three major problems with the way mainstream medicine approaches elevated blood pressure.