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the prevailing current of thought

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It is important it is done properly, with support for staff in mainstream schools and suitable funding.
In conjunction with this paper's findings, a general analysis of the underdevelopment of business in black America would expand our understanding of how social conditions, reproduced in different specific forms across historical periods, have compelled black business to remain outside of the mainstream economy and confined to minority markets.
As we can see, with the implementation of the Code of Practice there are many implications for mainstream teachers in Northern Ireland.
Parents and city council officials discussed the proposals to have more special needs children in mainstream schools and to replace a number of the city's special schools with four new ones, each sharing a site with a mainstream school.
Packaging is one way for a savvy reader to tell the difference between her favorite author's romance title and another author's mainstream novel.
Though funding--including more than a quarter million from the mainstream prochoice organizations--was provided to get marchers on buses to Washington, D.
Simply put, Greenfield-Sanders is Mainstream par excellence.
The rebellion of the blues artist toward mainstream values is, I believe, a challenge of this external kind.
The American Camping Association, in conjunction with the Institute for Career and Leisure Development, conducted a nationwide survey of mainstream camps.
Managing the mainstream: A contrast of the behaviors of learning disabled students who pass their assigned mainstream courses and those who fail.
I'm pleased to return to Mainstream Energy, a company I believe is poised to continue its tremendous growth, as well as its role in bringing solar power to the mainstream," said Lee Johnson, Mainstream Energy CEO and president.
Credit must be given for the unrefunded portion of the ACT attached to a particular dividend, as well as for the actual net mainstream tax paid on the profits out of which the dividend is sourced (the net mainstream tax being the corporate tax paid after reduction through any ACT offset).
They urge us to abandon the term "bias" when we describe the failings of the mainstream media.
Beyond making a name for myself, what I'm trying--why success is so important to me--is to change the whole spectrum of Asians in mainstream media.
Predictors of mainstream teachers' attitudes toward ESL students.