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the prevailing current of thought

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A boutique residential property company, Mainstream Real Estate Group, is located in the Silicon Valley.
The argument being that once terrorist organisations enter the political mainstream, they will tone down their rhetoric and become more moderate in order to appeal to a greater cross-section of society.
Psychologists Timothy Daughtry and Gary Casselman have created a practical manual on how the far left took control of our country and how mainstream Americans can take it back.
Mainstream Technologies' got--and role--is to be "CTO to the most successful companies.
He turns on his computer and starts scanning the Web sites of The New York Times and other mainstream news organizations as well as "about 100 blogs" to see what might be of interest to the readers of TowleRoad.
Suppose the blogs start badgering the mainstream media to pay attention.
SVT-engineered halo cars like the Ford GT, unfortunately, will be few and far between thanks to limited resources, while more mainstream performance vehicles become the norm.
According to Bird and Buckley (1994:91), "understanding the parents' perspective and planning to meet their needs for example, regular meetings to exchange information and communicate clearly, will help to ensure successful placement" in mainstream schools.
Parents and city council officials discussed the proposals to have more special needs children in mainstream schools and to replace a number of the city's special schools with four new ones, each sharing a site with a mainstream school.
Packaging is one way for a savvy reader to tell the difference between her favorite author's romance title and another author's mainstream novel.
Though funding--including more than a quarter million from the mainstream prochoice organizations--was provided to get marchers on buses to Washington, D.
The premise had always been that pornography was gradually entering the mainstream of American culture.
The AEGIS Daily Briefing collects important news reports from a variety of mainstream sources, at http://www.
It is no surprise that she was unable to vote for the Unborn Victims of Violence Act because unborn children are just not in the mainstream worthy enough for our senator.
Yet at the same time, prices for specialty blends at supermarkets and cafes have risen, and even the price of mainstream coffee brands like Folgers has not dropped that much.