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(nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind

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AT the inquest scoutmaster Marsh remembered: "I shifted Beckham over to the port side to be ready to pull on the mainsheet when my helm was a little further over.
The Blokart has handlebar steering and one mainsheet.
But the inherent creativity of the DBC "solution" seems a powerful example of the value of the small sailboat response to a confusing wind: loosen your grip on the mainsheet and the tiller, let the boat come into the wind, then plot an integrated course.
With one hand on the tiller to steer and the other holding the mainsheet rope to trim the sail, Sarah balanced her weight to keep Whisper on an even keel.
His fleeting hope peaks on wave's crest but dies plummeting into trough, eyes filming with saltwater can't see but look again, don't know your luck, you should've loosed the mainsheet though, a dinghy sailed by clumsy amateur capsizes so easily, in wave's belly, self could sink in sleep, but searing sunwind strikes my head again as deep sea swell throws self up again, can't look in this hot light again, too many against or do ears hear another sound of breaking waves?
Menace's mainsheet trimmer Alistair Gair said it was a regatta of two halves for the Royal Akarana Yacht Club team.
In the Chicago event his role will be to handle the mainsheet of the vessel.
There's little concern that devoted mainsheet readers will leap to the tabs since market research is showing that it's primarily nonreaders who are attracted to the new publications.
You could always reschedule a mainsheet if something wasn't exactly right," explains Bob Neal, the CIO of the Games (an IBM executive on loan to the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and formerly an aerospace engineer with NASA).
Mainsheet controls include coarse and fine blocks, giving the trimmer good control near the tiller.
Even the mainsheet disappears under the deck and is controlled by an electric winch that whirrs away noiselessly beneath when you trim the sail.
On deck a protected yet not stuffy cockpit for the family and a GRP arch puts the mainsheet out of harms way, while also creating a large bimini.
Beneteau's Oceanis range continues being remodelled and the new Oceanis 35 encapsulates many of the latest design ideas, including hard chines, full bows, twin rudders and that signature mainsheet arch from older sibling the Oceanis 38.
Barclay Gillett, mainsheet hand on King Billy is presented with the Julius Charody trophy by Paul Billingham from Grant Thornton.
Sail controls are all aft with a centralised mainsheet Harken winch and a pair of primary winches on the coamings beside the outboard located helms, which have stylish gunwale seating that opens up tons of deck space for access to the transom.