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the lowermost sail on the mainmast

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The potential to continue to operate The Suites at Mainsail Village as an extended stay hotel or to convert it to a multi family rental property fueled strong interest from both hotel and multifamily investors," said Richard Swartz, managing director and principal of Sonnenblick-Goldman.
Bergen passed out copies of a report, "Interactive PR: The Party Starts Now," from Mainsail Interactive Services of Berkeley, Calif.
Designed for long-term use in optical and copper networks, the Mainsail 8000 combines the functionality of multiple devices, including a cross-connect, multiservice access platform, GR-303 gateway, M13 and T-1/T-3 mux, ATM switch, SONET ATM add/drop mux, DSLAM, DSLAM concentrator, and low-cost DLC.
Mainsail IMAP is available in an 18-slot chassis configuration and is NEBS Level 3 certified.
And no matter how many man-overboard drills have been performed, they will not help to resolve a mainsail that can't be hoisted after the engine goes poof, as the authors of ``What Now Skipper?
The boats are designed to carry a huge mainsail, one that can generate power from even light breeze to plow twin, iron dedges through the hard oyster rocks.
Stars and Stripes' most striking feature is that its mainsail doesn't look like a sail at all, but rather a solid, vertical wing like those used by the much smaller class-C racing catamarans.
A few use four channels: for the rudder, mainsail, jib, and mast tension.
In the bad old days, which I'd put at 15-plus years ago, I came across some fairly fragile mainsail reefing systems that resulted in malfunctions, as well as some that hadn't been specified correctly between the spar maker and the sail-maker.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of 05 In Nos Mainsail For 27 Ft Dk Whalers Held With Mwtc At Ina ,Ezhimala
Growth equity firm Mainsail Partners, Togo's current co-owner, has agreed to sell its shares to Nimes Capital.
Steelwedge is a portfolio company of mainsail partners and camden partners.
Shirley is a presenter for CNN's Mainsail programme as well as an adviser to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games.
11 August 2011 - US healthcare group Kindred Healthcare Inc (NYSE:KND) said Thursday it had struck a deal to acquire Professional HealthCare LLC, controlled by private equity firm Mainsail Partners, for USD51m (EUR35.