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the principal route of a transportation system

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As one mainliner remarked, "We do not call the world to be like ourselves, for we are already too like the world.
It is a shame to find any fault with a book so brilliant, but the line between mainliners and evangelicals or Catholics feels a bit too brightly drawn for me.
I also believe that we will always need a couple of mainliners for the long hauls from Bellingham to Juneau, and from Juneau to Port Simpson in Canada.
The focus during Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, at least for us Protestant mainliners, seems to be on God the Father and God the Son.
Big Tom And The Mainliners front man Tom McBride performed along with The Three Amigos, Philomena Begley and Mike Denver.
Like the mainliners, the NCRLC shifted its emphasis from evangelism to social justice during the Depression, embraced a more conservative and nationalist vision in the years after World War II, tacked left during the 1960s, and stayed there while the rest of the country shifted rightward after the election of Ronald Reagan.
Derek added: "In 1971, I wrote a spoof sketch for Halls Pictorial Weekly about a band called Mean Tom and the Highliners, an obvious send up of Big Tom and the Mainliners.
These mainliners saw themselves as more faithful to the gospel--and therefore more at odds with the dominant culture--than the conservative church, which many of them believe has been co-opted by worldly values of success, consumption, and power.
Not only have the anti-Catholic stereotypes that I earlier described disappeared or greatly weakened in most of Protestantism but also evangelicals and the conservative mainliners who once hated the papists, as they called them, now often find themselves allies with popes on issues that are for them of central Christian importance.
Edward Lee Williams Philadelphia, PA Carmela Romeo Philadelphia, PA First State Ballet Theatre Wilmington, DE Ariel Moore Egg Harbor Township, NJ Amanda Passanante Holland, PA Valley Forge Chorus Newtown Square, PA Emmaus Chamber Harmony Emmaus, PA Sondra Payne Green Lane, PA Kne-O'Chaw Hampton Willingboro, NJ The Baldwin B-Flats Bryn Mawr, PA Jane Wilson Devon, PA The Media Landenberg, PA Judahsong Glenn Mills, PA Chad Hunter New Hope, PA Mainliners Chorus Media, PA Jessica Lynch Roslyn, PA Courtney Daniels Pottstown, PA Sabrina Carroll Chester, PA Alexis Thompson Hamilton, NJ Billy James Wenonah, NJ Derek Leggins Middletown, DE Melanie Richardson Philadelphia, PA Lindsay Harris Roslyn, PA Otis Joseph and Zamar Philadelphia, PA Julia Tighe Howey and Aly Mifi Philadelphia, PA
The proportion of all teenagers who identify themselves as mainliners has fallen each decade -- from 22% in 1984, to 11% in 1992 and settling in at 8% according to the latest research.
Bibby calls the mainliners -- the Uniteds, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Lutherans.
Graham exhibited the same openness toward over-scrubbed mainliners on his theological left, under-scrubbed pentecostals on his theological right, and many folk who did not fit on any conventional theological map, including the Orthodox.
McBride had already announced plans for a countrywide tour with his original Mainliners Showband in the New Year.