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the main land mass of a country or continent

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These were listed in order as Chinese ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Macao person ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), New Immigrant--san ji man and Mainlander ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Figure 1 (with Figure 1a for the bilingual mainlander and Figure 1b for the bilingual native Taiwanese) displays the percentages of the experimental subjects who assessed each voice of the two bilingual speakers as a person (1) with at least a high school diploma, (2) earning a monthly salary of more than 65,000 NTD, (3) coming from a middle or higher social class, (4) supporting the KMT in general, (5) voting for Ying-jeou Ma and Vincent Siew in the 2008 presidential election, (6) evaluating President Ma's performance positively, (7) preferring unification sooner or later with mainland China, (8) appearing honest, (9) demonstrating some leadership ability, (10) showing some self-confidence, or (11) sounding generous.
My hosts for most of my fieldwork, the saltwater people on Pororan Island, told me that the mainlanders were 'entirely different people' from themselves; the mainlanders who hosted me at Lontis Village on the Buka north coast and at Gagan Village in the interior confirmed this.
Despite Kamil's caginess over the pause, many assume his reticence to resume processing applications stems from a massive backlog in applications from Turkish mainlanders that built up under the previous Republican Turkish Party (CTP) administration.
Like most mainlanders, Fung and Hsieh are ardent advocates of unification with China and have been strong critics of Lee's Taiwan-first policy, which stresses a distinct Taiwan identity.
4) But the significance of A Time to Live, A Time to Die lies in its approach of tracing history, which focuses not merely on the issue of identity of the Chinese mainlanders, as dealt with in A Brighter Summer Day, nor simply on the impact of the colonial authority upon the Taiwanese, as tackled in A Borrowed Life; it shows the process in which a second generation Chinese mainlander identifies with Taiwan through his growing experience which, though deeply imbued with nostalgia, reflects the national pas t and points to a shift of socio-political climate.
No, not the kind that you get in your email, but the kind you eat -- or don't eat, as it may be for many mainlanders.
The move is an attempt by Beijing to ease growing anger in Hong Kong over shopping trips by mainlanders who are take advantage of lower taxes.
Why are there so many mainlanders shopping in Hong Kong?
Mainlanders, Singaporeans often complain, are rude and uncivilised.
But even more important is the concern that "closer integration with China has brought about an overall decline in the quality of life and standard of living among the majority of Hong Kong's population," particularly driven by the influx of mainlanders who absorb social services.
Both mainlanders have beaten Lee recently, but Lee now has the experience to deal with pressure and high expectations.
For mainlanders, Hong Kong residents are snobs who fail to accept that they belong to One China.
We are an island nation and don't mix with mainlanders too well.