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the main land mass of a country or continent

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Like most mainlanders, Fung and Hsieh are ardent advocates of unification with China and have been strong critics of Lee's Taiwan-first policy, which stresses a distinct Taiwan identity.
Seven cabinet members, including the premier, are so-called mainlanders, a term referring to those who followed the KMT to Taiwan after the communist takeover in China in 1949.
These were listed in order as Chinese ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Macao person ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), New Immigrant--san ji man and Mainlander ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
El primer capitulo versa sobre la Analitica de la facultad cognoscitiva, donde Mainlander comienza explicando por que la verdadera filosofia ha de ser puramente inmanente e idealista.
In the following excerpt, Julia and her Portuguese teacher, a Mainlander as well, are surprised by their absence, but argue that it is a matter of personal choice and pride, or lack thereof.
My hosts for most of my fieldwork, the saltwater people on Pororan Island, told me that the mainlanders were 'entirely different people' from themselves; the mainlanders who hosted me at Lontis Village on the Buka north coast and at Gagan Village in the interior confirmed this.
the Mainlanders in Taiwan, whereas the process of Taiwanese business
Between the KMT and the PFP, two members of the pan-KMT camp, being pro-unification and a mainlander are positively associated with the respondent's support for the PFP.
But Hon is suspicious of the Mainlander muscling in.
Hou is a Chinese Hakka, who was born in China and grew up in Taiwan; Chu Tien-Wen is a second generation mainlander, whose mother is a Taiwanese Hakka, and Wu Nien-Jen is a typical Taiwanese.
My father hopes that by building schools and maintaining close ties with his village he can encourage democracy there," the Taiwan-born son of a mainlander explains.
The police said that Chua, a Chinese mainlander, lived on 5th Avenue in Caloocan City.
The government may impose new quotas in public hospitals, but that's a small fraction of the mainlander births in Hong Kong.
The title, The Artificial Newfoundlander, applies these anxieties to Hugh himself, also a mainlander, though one who has made St.
PALABRAS CLAVE: suicidio, querer la vida, Schopenhauer, Mainlander.