mainframe computer

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a large digital computer serving 100-400 users and occupying a special air-conditioned room

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The Year 2000 problem is not limited merely to midsize or large mainframe computers.
Berven and his colleagues have developed a series of case management simulation programs (based on state vocational rehabilitation agency materials) on large mainframe computers (Berven, 1985; Berven & Scofield, 1980) and microcomputers (Chan, Parker, Lam, Mecaskey & Malphurs, 1987).
The company is translating its enterprisewide computing ideas into action by means of a new system that exploits the power of its mainframe computer.
This conflict is really all about the fundamental values of consumer choice and competition benefiting customers throughout the world who use mainframe computers to run and manage mission-critical applications.
announced today that it will be the first company to bring a mainframe computer into the Interoperability and Solutions Demo at the Storage Networking World(R) (SNW) Conference and Expo, April 5-8 in Phoenix.
In addition, we now have our own dedicated mainframe computer for our development, testing and support needs of our mainframe software," said Brian Heiss, CTO and co-founder of CheckWorks.
Linked directly to Praxair's mainframe computer system, the AccuStar system provides efficient dispatching of customer orders on Praxair's trucks.
will market mainframe computers targeting corporate clients at roughly half the price of existing ones and also release low-priced personal computers (PCs) by the end of month, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Wednesday.
I distinctly remember being impressed by a snappy version of a polka that the programmers used to quickly isolate defective cards plugged into the first mainframe computers.