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a large digital computer serving 100-400 users and occupying a special air-conditioned room

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The Year 2000 problem is not limited merely to midsize or large mainframe computers.
Berven and his colleagues have developed a series of case management simulation programs (based on state vocational rehabilitation agency materials) on large mainframe computers (Berven, 1985; Berven & Scofield, 1980) and microcomputers (Chan, Parker, Lam, Mecaskey & Malphurs, 1987).
The company is translating its enterprisewide computing ideas into action by means of a new system that exploits the power of its mainframe computer.
This case has broad implications because mainframe computers are essential for all key industries in our economy.
Based in Cincinnati and privately held, ICC develops and markets communications products worldwide that connect microcomputers and minicomputers to Unisys mainframe computers and local area networks (LANs).
Reduced invoice error rates - Data flows electronically between Praxair's mainframe computer and the driver's handheld AccuStar system unit, eliminating manual entry of part number descriptions, quantities and shipping tickets, and reducing errors.
will market mainframe computers targeting corporate clients at roughly half the price of existing ones and also release low-priced personal computers (PCs) by the end of month, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Wednesday.
I distinctly remember being impressed by a snappy version of a polka that the programmers used to quickly isolate defective cards plugged into the first mainframe computers.
During the third quarter, IBM's performance was helped by a new line of more powerful mainframe computers that were introduced on Sept.
Consultants point out that CEOs and their technology staff can benefit by examining the track records of their companies' mainframe computers.
NASDAQ: INTR), provider of maintenance services and consumable products for mainframe computers and peripherals, reported today that net income for the first quarter ended December 31, 1993 jumped 428% to $447,029 or $.
He points out that in large companies particularly, mainframe computers link various facilities with a wealth of informa| tion.
Nearly all respondents (95 percent) use microcomputers, one-third use only microcomputers, and more than half (53 percent) use both micro- and mainframe computers.
PSI) will offer the new 4-port ESCON HBA on PSI's Open Mainframe servers, providing new choice for mainframe datacenters connecting legacy devices with open mainframe computers.