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a large digital computer serving 100-400 users and occupying a special air-conditioned room

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Today, CA-Disk and DF/HSM are the only two products providing true policy-based HSM functionality for mainframe systems.
Through our alliance with Luminex, our customers no longer need to look beyond StorageTek to meet their growing needs for tier two mainframe DASD storage as part of their information lifecycle management solution," said Cameron van Orman, StorageTek director of Corporate Alliances at StorageTek.
More About Corigin's Mainframe Data Access Using Enterprise Storage
The mainframe has demonstrated its ability to operate 24 hours a day, all year round, without missing a beat.
At SHARE, AQM Solutions will demonstrate its solutions for optimizing mainframe performance.
Now commonly called SMS, this architecture consisted of a set of software products that made storage management a reality for today's enterprise-class mainframes or z/OS processors.
IBM continues the innovation established on the mainframe by adding new industry leadership capabilities for both the z890 and z990, including:
The servers work together with Allstate's traditional IBM ES/9000 mainframes in a new type of architecture called Parallel Sysplex, an arrangement of systems and connectivity technology that allows processors in the mainframe complex to share work loads.
This modern ESCON technology will be integrated into the Channel Gateway product family in the near future to support mainframe enterprises looking to extend their significant investments in ESCON-based infrastructure.
Micro Focus Enterprise Server with its new Mainframe Transaction Option underpins the new platform alliance and now enables the migration and deployment of CICS/COBOL mainframe applications to the Windows platform.
Interconnecting open systems and mainframe storage isn't easy.
In Luminex we found a partner who shares our commitment to the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance demanded by mainframe customers.
Opportunities to exploit desktop capabilities in mainframe development allow organizations to reduce costs and realize increased flexibility in deployment of skilled resources," said Dick Heiman, an analyst at IDC.
Therefore, data transfers between mainframe and open systems processors can potentially take one of three forms:
This conflict is really all about the fundamental values of consumer choice and competition benefiting customers throughout the world who use mainframe computers to run and manage mission-critical applications.