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a large digital computer serving 100-400 users and occupying a special air-conditioned room

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Though SMS was definitely not an end-to-end storage management architecture, SMS represented the most comprehensive achievement in storage management software to date and it became a mainframe standard for storage management after nearly 10 years of evolution.
The Virtual/BLUE 3990 control unit effectively eliminates the proprietary boundaries and vendor lock-in that separate the mainframe and open systems storage worlds, enabling mainframe enterprises to take advantage of the ever-increasing features and ROI benefits being delivered by the disk storage industry.
Corigin's secure, non-invasive high-speed mainframe data access solution enables organizations to dramatically reduce mainframe (MIPS) consumption charges, quickly access business-critical mainframe data, and rapidly demonstrate return on investment.
Even as the computing landscape continues to evolve," says Doug Catalano, president of Waltham, MA-based CSC Consulting, "organizations will continue to need the mainframe for its tremendous storage capability and its ability to quickly process and search for data.
WLFS/VM: Enables the mainframe to act as a super-fast, large-scale file server for users in geographically dispersed areas, turning company-wide networks into high-speed superhighways, delivering enormous quantities of data to every corner of the enterprise.
Mainframe I/O processing is rich in functionality but is rather expensive to own and operate.
Reilly additionally stated that, "IBM's predatory business practices have affected our company, but PSI's open mainframe computers have been well received by customers who value us as the only alternative supplier in the marketplace.
When compared with mainframes directly, these servers offer more power at less cost than IBM mainframes, RFG found.
Device emulation, or virtualization as it sometimes turns out to be, can be used between mainframe and open systems just like it can be used between practically any other combination of systems and devices.
Moving forward, Osman Aykut and AQM Solutions envision four key trends in the mainframe industry for 2007:
IBM's new ESS Model 750 is designed to help customers in the midrange leverage many of the reliability and advanced functions of the Enterprise Storage Server while meeting the smaller capacity and price needs of new mainframe and other system servers.
SABRE started out as a large, homogeneous mainframe system--which remains its core.
The Channel Gateway 3600 provides mainframe virtual tape-on-disk functionality.
Redeploying mainframe legacy assets to newer, cheaper platforms saves time and money.
Bridging the data gap between open systems and mainframe storage