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yard for a square mainsail

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The affected animals have been in isolation, away from Stepney's main yard, for nearly two months, forcing the cancellation of rides and treks.
Within the main yard there are retail and commercial units including a tea-room.
We semi-process it on site and then ship it to the main yard here at the port for shredding, shearing or further processing before sale.
In the main yard, hanging baskets dripping with geraniums, fuchsias and petunias hang above the stable doors with dozens of pots filled with summer bedding scattered around.
Burke has expanded his operation to include an indoor school on the other side of the road from his main yard where there are more boxes, a horse-walker, and extra accommodation for stable staff.
Bradford Magistrates' Court was told that Geoffrey Grundy, of Brighouse, kept his farm at Pudsey so filthy that a two-foot high pile of dung covered the entire main yard.
O'Brien has no plans to change the main yard and added: "There's too much history attached to it".
Didn't even ask permission, just started planting, finishing out the long flowerbed, edging over into the main yard and down the other side.
The MH 400W/HBU/ED28/PS was the Venture UniForm pulse-start lamp chosen to light the main yard and dock areas.
They're back in the main yard now and are running much better.
Also provides added strength to the main yard for technical and specialist assistance, when necessary.
The Camilleri team is preparing slate transported from the Penrhyn Quarry in Gwynedd at its main yard in the Vale of Glamorgan.
This has involved moving a number of its operations into a 10,000 square metre factory at 36 Tuas Crescent located across the road from the main yard and linking the factory to the shipyard by a pedestrian bridge.
Within the main yard to Brook Farm are retail and commercial units in three main bays - they include a tearoom, Hydro Hobby and Horse World.