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rotor consisting of large rotating airfoils on a single-rotor helicopter that produce the lift to support the helicopter in the air

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In the report, the AAIB says: "The examination of the wreckage indicates that the accident occurred following a catastrophic failure of the main rotor gearbox.
Soon after turning back down the canyon, the aircraft entered another strong downdraft, and once again it sank toward the terrain, its main rotor rpm decreasing significantly.
Over a 100dB of vibration acquisition dynamic range allowing the detection of small signals such as main rotor track and balance vibration in a large ambient vibration environment such as produced by a gearbox.
When using the aviation vibration analyzer test set NSN 6625-01282-37N6, For Black Hawk main rotor blade track and balance, the avionics access door ventilation cover, NSN 1560-01-095-7573, must; be removed to allow routing For the universal tracking device (UTD) cable.
Since the gyroplane is always in autorotation, it is inherently safer and quieter than a helicopter, and because it does not need a transmission to the main rotor or a tailrotor, it is simpler, more reliable, and robust, and much more economical to operate than a helicopter.
Contract Awarded for Repair of h-65 srr main rotor blades
Similar to a real helicopter, it features pedals, a throttle, a cyclic (joystick), a collective lever, which changes the pitch angle of all the main rotor blades collectively, and all of the required gauges to decide speed, altitude and alignment.
We have problems performing maintenance on the Black Hawk main rotor blade spindle droop stop nut, NSN 5310-01-102-8858.
Carson) for production of state of the art composite main rotor blades usable on all Sikorsky S-61 helicopters.
of Central Point, Oregon to fabricate the Main Rotor Blades for the S-64 Air-Crane Helicopter.
The Erickson composite main rotor blade program has several goals, said Jarandson.
The H-1 upgrades include an enormous amount of commonality between the two aircraft including engines (GE-T700 engines), four blade all composite, hingeless, bearingless main rotor system and tail rotor, identical drive trains, hydraulics and electrical distribution systems.
p / o / 5072 / e / 08 on the strengthening of the calendar tbo technical main rotor mi-24 helicopters; technical bulletin no.
Carson) to build the new Carson Composite Main Rotor Blade usable on all S-61 helicopters.