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the principal route of a transportation system

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During the process, small launch and exit pits are dug at either end of the service or main line being replaced, A winch cable is rodded from the exit pit, through the existing tine, to the launch pit.
They include the West Coast line to Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, the East Coast line to Edinburgh, the Great Western to Bristol, the Midland main line to Sheffield and the Chiltern route to Birmingham.
DWP estimates that about half of the trunk lines -- the larger pipes considered the work horses that carry water to the smaller main lines -- were built before 1940.
One of the biggest challenges that gas utility companies face when installing utility tracer lines is effectively splicing service lines onto main lines while still maintaining a strong connection.
Its customers repeatedly expressed a desire for an alternate waterproof connector that would not require the cutting of the main line.
Upon normalization of the data, the evaluation team identified the main lines to be rehabilitated based on structural ratings.
5 million total fixed telephone lines, of which 4,269 thousand main lines are in service.
Appendix - Key Figures Activity First Half (thousand, except (a) ) 1998 1999 2000 Fixed telephone service Main lines in service 4,048 4,168 4,269 ISDN equivalent main lines (a) (%) 6.
Fixed telephone main lines per employee increased 30% in 1999
This effort enabled PT to reach 319 fixed main lines per employee (a 30% increase year-on-year), which compares very favorably with Europe's best telecommunications companies.
The number of main lines grew from 3,822 thousand at December 31, 1996 to 3,954 thousand at September 30, 1997, a 5.
The growth in revenues from telephone services reflects the increase in the number of main lines (an average increase of 5.
TOJ is mid-way through an expansion program intended to increase the number of main lines in service to 500,000 by the year 2000.
Andrew Adonis, Labour's Transport Secretary, announced the electrification of the Main Line but got the technology wrong.
Line 96, a main line along Riverside Drive to Burbank, Glendale, the Los Angeles Zoo and downtown, will see its late night and Sunday service reduced.