main drag

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the main street of a town or city

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8 per cent over the year as a whole," the report said, adding the oil sector was the main drag on growth.
La Cueva, a signless, inconspicuous club on a vibrant but gritty stretch of 26th Street--the main drag of Chicago's Mexican community La Villita--is by many accounts the oldest existing Latino drag club in the country.
From the busy main drag, diplomatic presence is signposted by the gatehouse decked out in the bright colours of the Dutch tricolor, a playful Pop Art twist on flagwaving expressions of national identity.
Little Italy is bounded by the Bowery, Lafayette, Canal and East Houston streets, with Mulberry Street as the main drag.
The committee was planning to work out of an existing space, so Velasquez and a friend set out walking down the main drag, knocking on doors and asking, "Are you selling this building?
The main drag, Nevsky Prospekt, is Broadway times four, and more crowded than a SoHo Sunday.
The spring reopening of the Macassa Mine by Foxpoint Resources is a feel-good boost to the town's morale, but many locals realize it will never match the glory days of the 1950s and '60s when more than a half-dozen mines operated along Kirkland Lake's main drag.
Janezich owns a tavern on the main drag of his hometown of Chisholm, and he recently held his fiftieth birthday party at the local Slovenian Home.
The vendor of these dolls works the main drag, between the cathedral and the cybercafe; down the street you can buy Subcomandante Marcos tube socks.
At that time the Berlinale was held in June, and the huge outdoor amphitheater Waldbuehne, in the woods west of the city, was one of five festival venues, including the Capitol, on the city's main drag, the Kurfurstendamm.
Weeks before the launch of the fiftieth Cannes Film Festival, the competition lineup was eliciting groans: By midfest, finding a film that generated passionate support was like securing a parking space on the Croisette, Cannes' waterfront main drag.
Summary: A slowdown in industrial consumption was the main drag on consumption growth, while the key contributor to the increased generation was the Gardabani combined-cycle power plant, which commenced operations in September 2015.
Store on a BUSY main drag, owner will train for as long as needed, CALL TODAY
The 7-foot-high electric candelabrum, perched on a grassy area along the community's main drag until it was taken down Dec.
Hemmed in on three sides and facing the blaring main drag of Ronda de Atocha on the fourth, it is a tight, inhospitable urban condition.