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the uppermost sheltered deck that runs the entire length of a large vessel


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Also on the main deck, interpretive panels give an overview of Texas's history, from her origins through the end of World War II.
This means a single large main deck spanning the entire beam, housing dining and lounging areas in both the exterior aft deck and inside the saloon to create a seamless, open space.
The A380 aircraft has a seat configuration for 494 passengers, eight in first class, 350 in economy class on the main deck, and 66 business class and 70 economy class on the upper deck.
The newest aircraft features a wide main deck cargo door for easier uplift of oversized shipments and an optimised main deck floor layout which the carrier was invited to help digitally design so the aircraft can better meet the needs of Emirates' customers.
New records reveal that after the aircraft had taken off and approached the top of climb, at approximately 19:12 hours, the main deck fire warning alarm sounded off.
If it gets too warm, an electrical awning similar to the one for the main deck aft below is installed in the sun deck overhang above, and extends 2.
The Osprey is a semi-submersible heavy-lift vessel and the operation will involve submerging the main deck of the vessel some three metres below water level - leaving only the accommodation and forecastle superstructures above the river to act as buoyancy - which will then allow the Swan Hunter dry dock to float into position ready for lifting as the vessel arises.
The pilots are complaining that they cannot sleep in the crew-rest area in the rear of the main deck for they are constantly disturbed by sounds created by passengers.
The body was discovered inside a cabin on the main deck of the shipwreck and handed over to police for investigation, a department statement said.
Modifications to the manufacturing process include the main deck cargo door, a new monolithic aluminium floor, a cargo-handling system and a rigid cargo barrier located in the forward section of the aircraft.
The vessel can also engage in limited cargo hauling on her flat main deck, although the vessel is not designed for that task.
During on-the-ground tests, the dual bridges smoothly docked with the A380's M1 and M2 main deck doors and the U[L.
It floats with the main deck awash, as the raft pilot steers with a long pole.
The Magic Shield ship reportedly embodies a semi-stealth shape with radar-absorbing and -deflecting materials above the main deck.
A report by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch says the fish room was flooded by water draining off the main deck through open ice hatches.