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a clause in a complex sentence that can stand alone as a complete sentence

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New Delhi [India] Dec 16 ( ANI ): The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday said it is opposing the National Medical Commission's (NMC) main clause that states medical qualifications granted by any other body in India to be seen as recognised qualification as prescribed by the Central Government.
The coordinating conjunction "For" (15:13), which means "on this ground," is also a brilliant transition that bridges the first two main clauses in the third quatrain with the third main clause in the concluding couplet.
Identification of the main clause [down arrow] Conversion The police man is Manabu.
In other words, the relative clause is subordinate to the antecedent - not the verb - in the main clause.
The interpretation of the since clauses in relation to the presence of aspect in the main clause is less clear cut and is therefore debated according to Culioli's theory on the prototypical notional domain, applied to the uses of verbs.
This hypothesis is based on the idea that the event described in exceptive clauses such as B except if A should be understood to be an exceptional circumstance ('A') under which the situation described in the main clause ('B') will not occur (Dancygier & Sweetser, 2005).
To identify a sentence fragment, ask yourself whether the sentence has a subject and a verb, and--if it does--whether it can stand alone, that is, whether it is an independent or main clause rather than a dependent or subordinate one.
The next step in the derivation would involve the derivation for the main clause where the DP we have formed so far would serve only as a DP in a clause.
The next sentence beginning "From the left" varies the structure with a formal period that suspends the main clause over the length of the sentence until its final few words: "came a glow.
The main clause of this Act states that "no person shall manufacture, sell or use disposable syringes other than auto lock, auto destruct or auto break for injection, drawing of blood and other purposes.
In the second the smaller person represents a subordinate clause, dependent on the main clause to make sense.
As the word 'sheep' occupies the subject position in the main clause, it would otherwise be expected to get nominative marking.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of French took to the streets in various parts of the country to condemn gay marriage after French parliament adopted the main clause of a bill that would allow same-sex marriage and grant gay couples the right to adopt children.
The results show that, despite the default association between narrative background and syntactic subordination (Cristofaro, 2005; Talmy, 2000a; Thompson, 1987; Tsur, 2009), -ing supplementives present a high frequency of correlation with highlighting grammar, a fact which could support the research hypothesis that, when implied subjects differ from those in the main clause, the referent is, nevertheless, easily recoverable by readers/listeners from their currently more strongly activated mental scenario.
Subordinate clause and main clause, I didn't used to know that or how it worked, but it's improved my writing because I understand how it works now, whereas before it was just by instinct.