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Synonyms for maim

Synonyms for maim

to deprive of a limb or bodily member or its use

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injure or wound seriously and leave permanent disfiguration or mutilation

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ISIS has been listed in our report since 2011 for recruitment and use, killing and maiming and also attacks on schools and hospitals.
Cluster bombs are responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of innocent civilians.
The best we can do is give reasonable notice--I'm with John Murtha on six months--that will let responsible Iraqis know that now is the time to get their act together, and that will defuse the anger of Iraqis who are killing and maiming our soldiers simply because they want us to go.
Kenneth Grindlay was placed on two years' probation for maiming the pet and throwing it back into its tank.
The new tools and the mandate that police can only chase dangerous felons come more than two years after a high-profile pursuit ended in the maiming of an Arleta infant.
Heideman stated, "The filing of this Complaint will not only remind the world of the long standing and continuing terrorist activities of the government of Iran but is designed to hold them accountable for the murder and maiming of United States Marines stationed in Beirut on a peace keeping mission.
Forces are hell bent upon killing and maiming peaceful protesters in one way or the other just to appease their mentors in New-Delhi, which is highly deplorable,' it added.
MRSA is killing and maiming countless Irish citizens, victims' families said yesterday.
Young boys are frequently present at animal fights to gather bets from spectators, creating a generation of youths in our city who believe maiming and killing is the mark of a man.
Many of the deaths and maiming injuries suffered by our soldiers could have been avoided if this simple step had been taken.
But there really is no alternative - except a return to murder, maiming and terror.