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mail sent by a sender at one time

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the transmission of a letter

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According to the AARP, seniors or their family members can write letters to the Mail Preference Service of the Direct Marketing Association to ask that their address be removed from mailing lists.
The Direct Marketing Association, working to differentiate professionally developed and processed direct mail from anonymous individual letters, stresses that marketers who use direct mail already have tight controls on the production and dissemination of mailing pieces.
The mailing was delivered in a glassine envelope so recipients could see the message and Biolys logo on the enclosed material.
The first thing recipients see is the name on the envelope--so avoid mailing labels.
Your facility's marketing strategy determines the scope of your direct mail recipients and frequency of mailings.
Bean and Seventh Generation, which studied all of the issues affecting their industry, from recycled paper to mailing lists to toxic inks to polysterine packaging peanuts.
Yet Hastert's mailing had three photos of him on the front page, two on every other.
The M7000 lets you take advantage of the most improved productivity features available today, eliminating the frustration of cost increases and the lack of control associated with outsourcing larger mailing projects.
Thus, the running of the statute of limitations is suspended and the 90-day or 150-day statutory period to petition the Tax Court begins from the mailing date.
However, Shape-Based Pricing is going to require that companies plan for and structure their mail processing in an entirely different manner if they expect to minimize cost increases and possibly save money on some mailings.
As long as the mailing list has been CASS[TM] verified, standardized and encoded, Presort Object will complete the process by sorting the mail pieces for the lowest automation rates possible.
To help production mailers efficiently meet high-volume demands while reducing costly equipment down time, Hasler has introduced the WJ PRO inline digital mailing system.
This service will be provided to individuals even though they may lack a permanent mailing address for an extended period of time or may be relocating multiple times in the months ahead.
recognized for its innovative mailing equipment, folders/inserters and mailing system software, has introduced the HT12 Tabber that automatically applies adhesive tabs or wafer seals to a wide range of mail pieces.
the leading web-based printing and mailing service for high quality, personalized direct mail, today announced their partnership to offer online integrated direct mail solutions.