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mail sent by a sender at one time

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the transmission of a letter

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These items are hardly wanton waste, since the companies use sophisticated computer data bases and mailing lists to reach the people who actually buy from them.
Yet Hastert's mailing had three photos of him on the front page, two on every other.
The M7000 lets you take advantage of the most improved productivity features available today, eliminating the frustration of cost increases and the lack of control associated with outsourcing larger mailing projects.
Thus, the running of the statute of limitations is suspended and the 90-day or 150-day statutory period to petition the Tax Court begins from the mailing date.
However, Shape-Based Pricing is going to require that companies plan for and structure their mail processing in an entirely different manner if they expect to minimize cost increases and possibly save money on some mailings.
As long as the mailing list has been CASS[TM] verified, standardized and encoded, Presort Object will complete the process by sorting the mail pieces for the lowest automation rates possible.
The WJ PRO easily integrates into your overall mailing process, making it simple to monitor postage for jobs and clients.
Yarkoni continued, "Small businesses have always faced challenges in integrating high quality mailing lists with compelling artwork for their direct mail campaigns.
FP Mailing Solutions, a world-class mailroom solutions provider, today announced that Francotyp-Postalia AG & Co.
has introduced the WJ110 Mailing System, another step in the evolution of its easy to use, mid-volume mailing machines.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Neopost, the worldwide provider of mailing, addressing, document handling and mail management systems, introduces its new advanced line of digital mailing systems.
Gary Shank, President and co-founder of ITS Mailing Systems, will lead a seminar on "Effective Mail Management" on Thursday, October 28th at Dave & Busters, 325 North Columbus Boulevard, Pier 19, in Philadelphia.
With this investment, QWL will offer its enhanced co-mail process, the Express Collation Mailing System, which will reduce gross postage by up to 30 percent and improve overall postal distribution service.
Francotyp-Postalia (FP Mailing Solutions), a world-class mailroom solutions provider, today announced that it continues to see growing demand for its ultimail system, FP's newest line of digital information-based indicia program (IBIP) compliant postage meters.
FP Mailing Solutions), a world-class mailroom solutions provider, today announced that Larry Turner has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from President and remains a member of the Board of Directors of FP Mailing Solutions.