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Synonyms for mailbox

a private box for delivery of mail


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public box for deposit of mail

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The Urban Room will be the centrepiece of the new Mailbox, with luxurious seating and a glass sky-lit roof.
The new Harvey Nichols store has recently reopened and the rest of the revamped Mailbox will be welcoming shoppers again later this year.
When a mailbox is struck and damaged by a truck carrying the town seal or by a subcontractor, Mr.
We're thrilled to announce that we filled our 1 millionth reservation today, only 6 weeks to the day after launching Mailbox.
Mailbox was released only is February 2013 and earned praise among users for its simple design that allows them to move quickly amid cluttered inboxes.
Navy users of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet will soon get one of their most common service requests: a larger mailbox.
Now, master-planned communities throughout the state feature custom-designed mailboxes and signs from the pair's company, Creative Mailbox and Sign Designs.
The Exchange Backup API supports full Exchange database backup only and does not support mailbox restore; therefore, some interesting methods have been developed to recover a lost mailbox.
Overwhelmed with 10,000 complaints of identity theft a year, Los Angeles police launched a campaign Tuesday against private mailbox companies that fail to comply with customer-screening laws.
Online web based administrator control panels and unique mailbox owner control panels for instant email and account management
In concert with the e-letter, a CEO mailbox was established online, allowing employees to respond to Entwistle after reading the e-letter.
Postal Service (USPS) agreed that apartment owners would not have to retrofit their existing mailboxes to comply with new USPS multi-unit building mailbox design standards expected soon.
The latest version of this e-mail program includes automatic spam protection, an e-mail thread condenser, automated type formatting tools and mailbox organizational shortcuts.
Along the left side of the mailbox bank, running from top to bottom, are fourteen different "Populations Served" (or the "people" to whom letters are written) including higher education, private studios, or K-5 teachers.