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a purchase negotiated by mail

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In mail-order for 17 years, the company sells 70 different designs of ulus to tourists and American mail-order customers.
In part, the Quill decision says, "Congress is now free to decide whether, when and to what extent the states may burden interstate mail-order concerns with a duty to collect use taxes.
12) Pursuant to these provisions, North Dakota attempted to require out-of-state mail-order companies that sold to residents to register as retailers and to collect and remit use taxes relating to sales shipped to North Dakota addresses.
Mail-order companies are held to identical standards as store pharmacies with the exception of signing for a prescription.
The mail-order business ``has had more impact on country music's growth than any comparably sized venture,'' author Ronnie Pugh wrote in his Tubb biography.
The Institute pointed out that the decis beyond the borders of North Dakota and far beyond the duty of a large mail-order business to collect sales.
Aaron's business acumen, pharmacy systems experience, and background in mail-order operations will help Aetna Rx Home Delivery profitably grow our customer base," said Elliott.
While many conventional retailers have tried and failed to penetrate the Japanese marketplace, large mail-order houses like L.
We used to be called Garden Nursery, but when we started the mail-order segment, we wanted another name.
As part of the new contract, IMS will continue to receive data emanating from Merck's subsidiary, Medco, on its mail-order prescription services, for the duration of the contract.
com/research/b66aa7/research_report_on) has announced the addition of the "Research Report on Chinese Mail-Order Industry, 2009-2010" report to their offering.
The result, according to the suit, is lost profits for the supermarket firms and an unfair competitive advantage for institutional pharmacies and mail-order firms.
Through this report, readers can acquire more information: -Development of Chinese mail-order industry -Hot products in Chinese mail-order industry -Major enterprises in Chinese mail-order industry and their operations -Competition in Chinese mail-order industry -Development trend of Chinese mail-order industry 1.
B) today announced the promotions of two individuals in the company's mail-order subsidiary.
The findings both raise troubling questions about the impact mail-order programs have on patients and contradict two purported benefits of mail order: increased convenience and lower costs.