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a slot (usually in a door) through which mail can be delivered

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I've seen one house with a sign that warns visitors of a dog that bites behind the door, but then the mail slot was on the very bottom of the door, without a cage
Through tears Babines scribbled out a seven-page plea, stuffed it into the mail slot, and drove back to Mars demoralized, unaware that an ACLU lawyer would call that very afternoon or that she would soon have to warn her unsuspecting day job boss that one of his analysts was about to be outed on the A.
From the pitcher's mound, Little Mo's strike zone looked like a mail slot.
DEWEY: THE SMALL-TOWN LIBRARY CAT WHO TOUCHED THE WORLD receives a spirited narration by Suzanne Toren, who has much on- and off-Broadway experience, as it tells of an Iowa library cat who is stuffed into a library mail slot, adopted by a librarian who has faced her share of loss, and then for 19 years proceeded to earn a reputation for his enthusiasm, affection, and 6th sense about those who needed him.
After getting no answer, Barnes placed his test instrument in the apartment's mail slot and registered a dangerous reading.
I had to note for Walter that the website still contains several testimonials referring to the feel of the paper and the newsletter dropping through the mail slot.
Some shopping malls in the US ban Santas from touching children at all - tots used to hand Santa their wish lists but now have to be content to post them through a mail slot.
Lyons has become a student of Barton's time in Washington, and he read in the records she kept for the government that there was so much mail from families looking for soldiers that she had a mail slot carved into the office door.
But as the postie tried to push the door open from the inside, by putting his hand down the mail slot, his fingers got trapped in an anti-theft device.
One Sprint employee was fired in late October 2001 for putting coffee creamer in an envelope and leaving it in another employee's mail slot.
The exterior features a mail slot, picture windows with shutters and a working doorbell that makes six sounds.
Two college students told of dropping their finals through a mail slot and driving cross-country to join Evans.
Mail Slot 41, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA; fax: 501-661-2055; e-mail: jdillaha@healthyarkansas.
According to Overland the LoaderXpess is the industry's first autoloader to incorporate a bar code reader, a true mail slot, a removable magazine for bulk loading/unloading of cartridges and a large four-line interactive display with 20 characters per line.
That is why there is no return to the Greeks, not only because the return to the departing mail slot is impossible, but because for the Greeks, sending, beginning, the opening of Being, cannot appear as such, precisely because they were entirely immersed, and even ruined themselves, in it"(p.