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the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office

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North Dakotans deserve a consistent level of delivery from the mail service they rely on every day, which is why were looking to identify weak spots in the mail system to help strengthen service over the long run.
Pharmacy company CVS Health (NYSE:CVS) said on Tuesday that its pharmacy benefits manager CVS Caremark has received Mail Service Pharmacy accreditation from URAC.
An official of Pakistan Post told that the documents for transmission through Fax Mail Service will be accepted upto a maximum size of A-4 which is 210 millimeters by 297 millimeters.
At last month's ribbon-cutting ceremony of the facility, company officials extended appreciation to supporters from the state and region who helped make the development of the mail service pharmacy possible.
In a recent issue of this Journal, Spiegel and Tavor (2011) explore the issue of optimal pricing for voice mail services.
He did acknowledge, however, that there were some two-day delays for periodicals and five-day delays for standard mail service.
In the proposal, worked out after hearing opinions from parcel delivery companies, consumer groups and other parties, the ministry stressed that while private businesses' entry into the mail service would make diversified and inexpensive services available, the initial opening of the service should be limited because companies would likely focus on profitable mail services, thus undermining universal service.
In fiscal 1998 and 1999 when the mail service posted a deficit of more than 50 billion yen each year, the Tokyo Regional Bureau was the only regional postal services bureau to stay afloat in the mail service with profits of some 130 billion yen for each year.
This morale-boosting mail service will be provided to UK troops deployed in operational theatres around the world, enabling them to stay connected with their families, and is slated for delivery by the end of 2012.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 25, 2015-NTT Communications 'Enterprise Mail service now available in Thailand and Indonesia
He said that the new services have been introduced by Pakistan Post including Electronic Money Order (EMO), Urgent Mail Service Counter Collection (UMSCC), Urgent Mail Service (CitytoCity), Urgent Mail Service (Local), Express Mail Service (EMS) International and Fax Money Order (FMO).
ISLAMABAD, March 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has re launched voice mail service with remote login feature to keep its valued customers informed about their incoming calls.
One key finding is that PBM administrative fees continue to decrease for retail and mail service.
Once-a-day mail service has simply not been adequate and has affected the operation of the department and the campus in a number of negative ways,'' said Charles Macune, chairman of the History Department at California State University, Northridge.
Invitation for Bids (IFB) to solicit bids from mail service businesses to provide rapid