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When I went back on the morrow the little maidservant conducted me straight through the long sala(it opened there as before in perfect perspective and was lighter now, which I thought a good omen) into the apartment from which the recipient of my former visit had emerged on that occasion.
A Mr Fiddas who lived at the north end of the bridge managed to escape his house with his wife and maidservant, but the maid begged him to go back with her to get a bundle she had forgotten.
138-39); Franz Liszt's old maidservant Miss Pauline, still in charge of the Hofgartnerei at the time of Leichtentritt's visit, personally receiving visitors "with enthusiastic pride and vivacity" (p.
The following account, condensed from Cotton Mather's personal diary (5), focuses on illnesses in his own household, including those of his wife, 9 children, and a maidservant, over the course of 6 weeks during OctoberNovember, 1713.
Many had to wait for a year or more for the recruitment of a maidservant.
Renowned for his ability to pull off the most difficult roles with ease, Shiney was jailed for allegedly raping his maidservant.
10) The author begins his answer by recounting the Fall of humanity into sin and idolatry, to which God responded by "sending to them his Son, born from among them from his maidservant.
However, the most intriguing "backstory" in the exhibit - suitable for opera - probably belongs to the print of the maidservant Ohatsu, who avenges the death of her mistress, Onoe, bullied to the point of suicide by Iwafuji, a jealous and powerful lady-in-waiting in their samurai community.
I had earned the money by working as a maidservant in Delhi and later concealed it inside a bundle of clothes, out of fear of thieves, but the money was reduced to ashes," the girls' mother Veena Devi told journalists on Tuesday.
In the kitchen, her mom and her grandma gave directions to the maidservant for grinding fresh amchoor powder for the chickpea curry, smoldering cumin in the skillet for rice pilaf, cutting up knobs of ginger for lamb curry, or squeezing lemons from the garden for succulent fish stew.
She is a disagreeable, grey child who begins to gain colour and energy as she skips outside, befriending her maidservant Martha, the surly gardener Ben Weatherstaff and a friendly robin.
And so, it is written (Psalms 123:2): Like the eyes of slaves to the hand of their master, and like the eyes of a maidservant to the hand of her mistress, so are our eyes to God.
When his wife died the empress forced him to marry a maidservant, with the whole wedding party dressed as clowns.
Khurshid maintained that Khobragade was a victim of a conspiracy created by her maidservant Sarah Richards, who has been absconding.
The traditional Rabbinic collection of the Talmud mentions in Baba Metzia 80a the case of a maidservant who is simultaneously foolish (Sote often means a psychic disorder) and epileptic (nikpit) and meso'emet (silly).