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the childhood of a girl

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While her association with the moon thus signifies her loss of maidenhood, it is not entirely clear that after meeting Romeo, Juliet will ever again stand in the sunlight, much less in place of it.
1895 by Frances Benjamin Johnston, writes Burns, "challenges older Victorian ideals of chaste maidenhood, it is also the subversive sign of her modernity.
If a woman, who is in her father's house and still in the age of her maidenhood, and should vow something and constrain herself by an oath, if her father should become cognizant of the vow, which has been promised and the oath by which she obligated her own soul and he shall remain silent, she will be liable to the vow.
The war had affected the sculptor deeply, and he wished to do something to give expression to what he felt, and as there was no subject in his country's history which appealed to him so forcibly as the rich and tragic life of the peasant girl of Domremy, he resolved to commemorate both by making an equestrian statue of the patriot martyr; representing her in all the simple pride of her pure maidenhood as she held the banner of her beloved France toward heaven, as the source from whence she believed the divine mandate had come that was to enable her to free her country from the invaders.
All this changes after her marriage, which Andrew presents as her salvation since it (he) rescues her from the "metaphysical outrage" of lesbianism or old maidenhood.
Maidenhood and marriage: the reproductive lives of the girls and women from Xeste 3, Thera.
The seances are organised by Tennyson's sister Emily, once engaged to Hallam, who however failed to live up to the icon of perpetual grieving maidenhood and married somebody else, to the disapproval of not only both families but most of the Victorian reading public.
Joan and the narrator have maidenhood in common: "Wie die Nuss, die darauf wartet, dass einer sie knackt, damit endlich alles zum Vorschein kommt, was mich mit Johanna verbindet" (Like the nut that waits to be cracked, so that everything finally comes to light--that connects me to Johanna).
De Benedet (though far from being a child bride) brings a feisty, seductive spiciness to the girl who longs for the joys of maidenhood.
Cranach's sentiment for maidenhood inspires the ingenuous pre-nubile figures of Adam and Eve.
One of this chapter's most interesting but finally undeveloped claims is that, given these terms for experience available to early modern women, marriage was not "a diminishment of freedom and unconstraint that Shakespeare's cross-dressed and other heroines briefly experience in their trajectory from maidenhood through courtship and marriage" (87).
The singing of Like A Virgin is not admissible as evidence of maidenhood, or a clean bill of sexual health.
Drowsing Maidenhood Symbol's Self': Faulkner and the Fictions of Love.
We had watched her blossom into a woman of exceptional poise, with the dimples of Niki's [her mother's] maidenhood.
The most famous tale associated with the laurel, Apollo and Daphne, ends with maidenhood triumphant; as Gower puts it: 'This Daphne into a lorer tre / Was torned, which is evere grene, / In tokne, as yit it mai be sene, / That sche schal duelle a maiden stille, / And Phebus fallen of his wille' (Confessio Amantis, III.