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a woman's surname before marriage

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Flipside is Hillary Rodham Clinton was criticised for re-introducing her maiden name when running for office.
One application from a woman who sought to use her maiden name had been rejected by the yzmir 9th Family Court.
Apart from mother's maiden name, security question related to first school attended can also be used as a potential tool for hacking into one's account.
Dennis confirms that brides are increasingly taking their husband's name and stop using their maiden name altogether, but there are emerging trends and these days, anything goes.
After being warned by my bank (whose spelling and grammar is not so good) that I might lose access to my account, I gave them my account details, mother's maiden name and my PIN without rising from my seat.
CAN you please help me to find a Mrs Joan Palmer, maiden name English, from Old Fold, Gateshead.
Summary: Royal bride Zara Phillips will keep her maiden name as she marries England rugby hero Mike Tindall.
Side note: my mother's maiden name was Rosenberg, and my grandmother's maiden name was Kaplan.
He did the same for the woman's maiden name, though this time the pigeons carried the paper slips from western Ohio to New York.
Audrey - whose maiden name was Clayton - went to the school from 1943 to 1953.
My mother's maiden name was Milliner, also of Coventry.
His parents offered to change Max's last name to his mother's maiden name but changed their minds.
The governor's announcement made no mention of Villar's relationship to Villaraigosa, who changed his surname -- joining Villar with wife Corina's maiden name, Raigosa -- when they married in 1987.
One way credit card companies are protecting their cardholders is by requiring them to provide online merchants with additional information such as their mother's maiden name.
WIRRAL GP Fiona Cowie, 42, reverted to her maiden name after divorcing her husband.