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the driver and keeper of an elephant

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The elephant's mahout came with them and hopefully will stay with them in Cyprus for around six years.
Unlike traditional polo where we have control over the horse, the mahout controls the elephant in the case of elephant polo, so we only have to hit the ball with the mallet.
We have very less work; if there is work for one month, we are idle for next two months," said a mahout, Sattar Hussan.
Predixion Enterprise Insight is natively integrated with the Microsoft BI stack, leverages Apache Mahout Algorithm libraries and is fully integrated with Microsoft SQL Server, EMC Greenplum and Hadoop, with other analytic platforms on the way.
The actor won accolades for his wonderful performance as a mahout.
We've done it so many times since and refined the process to make it better, so this time it was an amateur rescue - we didn't even have a foundation in those days or fully understand the paperwork and yet, there she was, in a natural environment with a mahout that loved her so much that he had named his granddaughter after her.
The Bangalore Urban deputy conservator of forests sent a senior officer to the spot and a case was lodged against the elephant mahout and the uncle of the bridegroom under the Wildlife Protection Act.
He allows people to have photos with him and ride as well," Bilal, the mahout told on Tuesday.
Determined to make the best of the situation, Nick, his new friend Mya and her brother explore the elephant village and indulge Mya's fantasy of someday being a mahout.
Chitwan Kali came out first as it was judged that the decoration on the elephant was very beautiful and that the elephant was able to obey the command of mahout (handler) very honestly.
Finally, our work has covered some additional Hadoop-based tools such as Hive (Hive website, 2012) and Mahout (Mahout website, 2012), as well as Windows Azure cloud services (Windows Azure website, 2012).
Appropriate for intermediate to advanced developers and researchers working with machine learning algorithms, this guide to Apache's Mahout provides practical guidance in the use of this collection of data analysis and machine learning tools for the Hadoop database platforms and other scalable databases.
8) Apache Mahout: Developed and released by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), Apache Mahout is a scalable machine learning library that runs on Mahout.
Rafe is a jolly, jokey, adventurous little character who rides around the streets on my shoulders like an Indian mahout rides on the back of large, baggy old elephant" - BBC world editor John Simpson on his six-year-old son.
Mahout in Action covers all the basics of Mahout, Apache's open source machine learning project, and teaches the basics of how to use the program to apply machine learning techniques to other projects.