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the driver and keeper of an elephant

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Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children in Mahout.
As per reports, the mahout identified as Jhunna Shukla came drunk on Monday, stood before the tusker and ordered it to do sit-ups immediately.
The mahout was feeding the animal bananas trying to coax it toward a bathing area when the elephant suddenly struck him many times with its trunk, leaving him dead at the scene, Thai PBS~reported, citing police sources.
Tenders are invited for Mn-Cdl0201 (A) Mn02121 Charangching To Mahout Tera And (B) Mn02122 Pallel Cdl Rd To Leingangching
The BOO-based small desalination plants are planned in Mahout Wilayat (Wusta Governorate) and Musandam Governorate.
These mini desalination plants are being planned at Mahout Wilayat (Wusta Governorate) and Musandam Governorate.
It is a great start and one I hope we'll see others doing," says head mahout Kale Kumal, who has been working with elephants since 1988.
A mahout is a person who works, tends and rides which animal?
Witnesses say at least four people are dead after opposition protests against a delayed presidential election turned violent | Amodelis seen backstage ahead of the Dumpty show at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer collections 2017 yesterday (PHOTO BY TABATHA FIREMAN/GETTY IMAGES) | A mahout guides a forest department elephant to demolish a house at Bandardubi village, on the periphery of the Kaziranga National Park, northeastern Assam state, India, yesterday.
Elephant activities at the property include mahout training, elephant education and elephant rides.
The handler, known as a mahout, is a Burmese national, working in Thailand.
Just before the deadly attack the elephant - known as Golf - was upset and refused to obey the handler or mahout.
They were talking to the mahout (elephant keeper) about buying food for the elephant when it suddenly stabbed one man in the chest with its tusk and kicked the other," local police Lieutenant Thawat Nongsingha told AFP.
Christoforou explained that a mahout is an elephant keeper and often a family tradition in countries such as Bangladesh, where the pair are from.
James Gibson is to succeed Didier Mahout who has been made head of Central Europe based in Budapest, after eight years in Sydney.