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shrubby tree widely distributed along tropical shores

erect forest tree of Cuba and Jamaica having variably hairy leaves and orange-yellow or orange-red flowers

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The majority seen feeding were consuming the leaves of kohekohe (37%), mahoe (29%), and Coprosma grandifolia (14%).
Mahoe, believed to come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, began work for SOLO Services Group as a cleaner in 2006 although as an immigrant, seeking asylum, he would not have been allowed to take a job.
Chief among these is blue mahoe, a tree that produces an unusual blue-grained wood and matures considerably more quickly than mahogany, reaching commercial size in around 15 years.
Ian Everall, of BCKS; Rudy Nelson, of Mahoe Catering; and Coun Malcolm Knowles, of Dudley MBC.
For more information, contact Lei Mahoe at 942-5111, www.
At ground level, texture and color come in the shape of large-leaf plants like hookerii palm and variegated mahoe, whose leaves evolve from a two-tone shade of coral and green to cream and green.
Lucia trail, with narrow, squarish ditches on each side to give the annual 12 feet of rain plenty of room to drain, rises quickly up the side of a mountain lushly forested with blue mahoe and mahogany trees, hung with bromeliads and encircled with climbing palms.
The students, all in kindergarten through fourth grade, are Kelly Barela and Kaleiohao Mahoe of Clear Lake Elementary; Joseph Bryan of Page Elementary; Jordan Colburn, Lily Cuyler, Hazel Hering, Aidan James, Toby Pasman, Lena Schultz and Callie Silvers-Harnly of Drinking Gourd School; Nicole Duval, Katie Fortuna and Nicole Miller of Gilham Elementary; Erica Huber of Mount Vernon Elementary; Andrea Kidder of Edgewood Elementary; and Brandon Nelson of Trent Primary.
An immense mahoe hibiscus died back in a cold snap, and two years later a tall, slender, smooth-barked tree it had been concealing began producing hundreds of the pinkest, sweetest, juiciest grapefruit I have ever tasted.