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Synonyms for mahlstick

a long stick that a painter uses to support the hand holding the brush


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With their names frequently coupled in critical reviews and perhaps by then already possessed of Hogarth's mahlstick, he was undoubtedly already thinking of himself in similar successive terms.
Regardless of Hazlitt's considered remarks and the often desultory responses of journalists and colleagues, the persistent associations with Hogarth probably convinced Wilkie, the possessor after all of the master's mahlstick, to continue thinking of himself as Hogarth redivivus, as Hogarth's legitimate heir.
Trainer David Arbuthnot could complete a double with lowly-weighted Mahlstick in the Get Fit At Lingfield Leisure Club Handicap.
In Les debuts du modele, the painter, in a spiffy pink costume, is shown lifting the hem of the model's skirt with a mahlstick (think of Melissa's staff) while she, casting a sidelong glance, struggles to keep it in place.