magnum opus

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an outstanding and ingenious work

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a great work of art or literature

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It's a score that must gratify Bafaro, who founded Magnum Opus after working at the Worcester Center for Crafts and realizing that many of Worcester's talented artists needed a place to display and sell their work - a marketing plan, really.
2 2046 (WONG KAR-WAI) Dense, sprawling, intoxicatingly erotic in its images, sounds, and rhythms, Wong's magnum opus is a cautionary tale in which obsessive love is inseparable from the aesthetics of its representation.
RE/MAX Times received honorable mention awards in the "Best Feature Article" category of the Magnum Opus Awards, sponsored by Publications Management newsletter in conjunction with the Missouri School of Journalism.
Fabre wrote his magnum opus in ten volumes, the last appearing when he was 84.
The Sequential Art issue also received an Honorable Mention for Best Series of Articles in the Magnum Opus Publications Management Awards.
Perhaps he should simply have written a much shorter, provocative essay--or else a multi-volume magnum opus.
It has begun The Magnum Opus Awards program, which is dedicated to honoring custom publishing excellence.
Perhaps the preeminent evolutionary biologist of our time presents his magnum opus here--a comprehensive, 4-billion-year tour of life on Earth.
Dragged into debt along with his publisher, Scott was talked into creating a collection of his Waverly novels, known as the Magnum Opus, which promised to be a cash cow.
In 1973 he finally published his magnum opus, The Evolution of Melanism, and his work could be found in every textbook.
To call this work a magnum opus seems inadequate, if not even ungenerous.
In light of such considerations, Modern Age undertook to mark the golden anniversary of The Conservative Mind with a series of essays not on Kirk, but on various of the conservative minds that Kirk had discussed in his magnum opus.
A lot of the home industry's favorite people came out to get a copy of Fischer's magnum opus at the book signing, held at the Schumacher showroom.