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Synonyms for magnitude

Synonyms for magnitude

great extent, amount, or dimension

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

relative intensity or amount, as of a quality or attribute

the amount of space occupied by something

Synonyms for magnitude

a number assigned to the ratio of two quantities

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relative importance

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8 - Rat Islands, Alaska, February 4, 1965, magnitude 8.
Despite that concordance, the magnitude estimated by those methods didn't match the magnitude calculated from precise surveys of the region after the quake.
In the slideshow I explain how the magnitude of an outcome is important when estimating sample size and when interpreting the clinical or practical importance of the outcome.
May 30, 1998: Northern Afghanistan and Tajikistan; magnitude 6.
The Storage Services Module and SANTap Service help enable storage solutions such as Xiotech Magnitude 3D and the TimeScale replication appliance to deliver enhanced capabilities and functionality for SME customers without compromising performance, integrity, or availability.
Jan 25, 1999: Western Colombia, magnitude 6; 1,171 killed.
The ability to effectively deploy and manage a VLDB requires storage that is flexible and easy to manage, and the MAGNITUDE not only meets these requirements but as the proof-of-concept demonstrates, exceeds them.
The company's products include Magnitude 3D 3000, Magnitude 3D 3000e and TimeScale(TM) Rapid Restore.
org; most of the visual magnitudes and sizes listed for these objects are estimates.
Currently, it isn't possible to measure an earthquake's total magnitude until the rumbling has stopped.
In addition, the magnitude of the interactions between the fuel gas odorants and soil media is not known.
MANILA -- Astronomers use a magnitude scale to measure the stellar brightness of astronomical objects.
In late April and early May 2012, Venus shines at a magnitude of -4.
Under normal circumstances, a yield of 1 kiloton (kt) creates seismic waves approximately equal to a magnitude 4.