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light microscope consisting of a single convex lens that is used to produce an enlarged image

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Like a child's magnifying glass, the eyes of Dublin poet Adam Wyeth brim the world over with rich detail in this glib, adventurous collection of poems.
Seventy-five grim, Third Reich things: toys, a bust relief of Adolf Hitler, magnifying glasses inside swastika-adorned boxes, a medical device for measuring heads, a statue of the Reichsadler, an hourglass, a box of harmonicas, a swastika-engraved knife, and a photographic negative of Hitler "holding a magnifying glass similar to those found in the boxes.
Tenders are invited for Plastic card with a magnifying glass
If you forgot your glasses, can't find a magnifying glass or just need a little extra help reading something clearly the magnifying glass feature on your phone can really come in handy.
Alfie Perry pictured with magnifying glass and Oliver Nowell with binoculars, right
I'm now au fait with when to use pouting cat face, flexed bicep and splashing sweat emojis, but still need a bit of work on left-pointing magnifying glass and dizzy face.
Horn-handle magnifying glass with letter opener from Manchester, Ltd, $168; bone handle magnifying glass, $45; and nautical rope magnifying glass, $45; Swatches Fabric & Design, 5268 Old Hwy.
That increase in light, rather than the dip Kruse thought he'd see, was the white dwarf bending and magnifying light from its more distant neighbor through gravitational lensing, like a magnifying glass.
Instead of using a magnifying glass, however, we tend to use more sophisticated instruments with more power and precision.
FIREFIGHTERS were called to a blaze at a Tyneside home caused by a magnifying glass.
This assumes that it concentrates the Sirius-light into the same size spot on the paper as the magnifying glass concentrates sunlight.
There is a way, however, that you can capture a print of a snowflake that can easily be viewed with a magnifying glass or under a microscope.
A MAGNIFYING glass started a house fire at an Anglesey property after being left out in a bedroom.
The group, studying at Newcastle University, have put a twist on the traditional style by creating a magnifying glass card.
The 18-foot turbine, which resembles a giant rotating magnifying glass, debuted at Milan's Greenergy Design show in March.