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Synonyms for magnification

Synonyms for magnification

the honoring of a deity, as in worship

Synonyms for magnification

the act of expanding something in apparent size

the ratio of the size of an image to the size of the object

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making to seem more important than it really is

a photographic print that has been enlarged

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In variable scopes the lenses in the erector tube also change the magnification via cams connected to the power ring on the outside of the scope, sliding the lenses closer together or farther apart.
We even agree that high magnification exacerbates parallax.
Barnard's contemporary, the Greco-French astronomer Eugene Antoniadi, also preferred to use comparatively low magnifications with the 33-inch Meudon refractor at the Paris Observatory.
hurdles this limitation by introducing a two-stage magnification system that images large samples at under 0.
However multi element compound loupes become optically inefficient at magnifications above 3X.
Image magnification is a process of obtaining an image at resolution higher than taken from image sensor.
000x magnification on a FEI NovaNanoSEM600 microscope, horizontal field width: 7.
At its lower magnifications, it offers even more without wasting light.
The glasses are available in five lens magnifications.
In addition to the analysis at various magnifications, many methods remain subjective, time consuming and qualitative.
Its dual magnification optical system changes magnifications instantly, with no moving parts, to speed programming and operation.
is the first high-performance binocular to offer multiple magnifications in one optical housing.
The microscope, in concert with a variety of available eyepieces and supplemental objectives, produces magnifications from 3.