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Synonyms for magnification

Synonyms for magnification

the honoring of a deity, as in worship

Synonyms for magnification

the act of expanding something in apparent size

the ratio of the size of an image to the size of the object

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making to seem more important than it really is

a photographic print that has been enlarged

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This is exactly why many snipers using the first Redfield variables in Vietnam left their scopes on the same magnification, essentially turning them into "fixed-power variables.
From the case history and assessment of baseline function, an estimate can be made of whether the patient is likely to be able to bridge the gap between their current and their desired reading function, and what magnification or type of intervention is likely to be needed.
Microcosmos: Discovering the World through Microscopic Images from 20 x to Over 20 Million X Magnification.
Normally, inexpensive riflescopes have pretty wretched optical performance at magnifications above 20-24X.
2,500x magnification on a FEI scanning electron microscope, horizontal field width: 125 micron, 2002.
Five reference scales, each with magnifications on one end of the one to ten scale, were added to a unit with the reflected light method.
From complicated and demanding measuring tasks to simple searches, the VMR-H3030 is equipped with advanced technology to manage a wide-range of inspection duties including NEXIV'S unique through-the-lens (TTL) laser focusing system, which allows users to fully utilize the powerful optics to scan at 1,000 points per second on complex profiles of 3D precision parts and a 15X Telecentric Zoom System that facilitates easy searches at low magnifications.
6 and 7 show the effect of the mechanical cooling on the SEM of an image taken at 100 000 magnification.
At magnifications greater than 2500x for total magnification to detect down to 1u, the pcba analyser is designed for the PCBA contract electronic manufacturers (CEM) market and high-end inspection laboratories.
Zooming in on the smoke shows that it remains reasonably realistic even to great magnifications, yet the same data base is used thoughout.
Attachments at each end of the zoom allow simple variation of working distances and magnifications.
Many North Americans, however, consider FFP reticles too coarse at higher magnifications, since we crank up variables when shooting at longer ranges, not for shooting in moonlight.
Experiment with the three different magnifications (21x macro, 14x macro and 7x macro magnification) to examine small objects like coins, stamps, rocks, relics, insects, plants, gems, circuit boards, and even your own skin.
This allows precise cutting accuracy at high magnifications, as well as at low magnifications.