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a diode vacuum tube in which the flow of electrons from a central cathode to a cylindrical anode is controlled by crossed magnetic and electric fields

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Nano-multilayered TiN/TiSiN and CrN/CrSiN hard coatings with dense structures were deposited on tool steel substrates by a magnetron sputtering method.
Ceravision's revolutionary lamp system has been developed for use in a broad range of applications, using either solid state or magnetron based power sources.
This invention exploits some plasma physics principles that have been applied to this problem as well as an innovative, new geometry to overcome the physical limitations of conventional magnetrons," said Gilgenbach.
Research and Realization about Improving of Electronic Efficiency in Construction and Magnetrons Technology with Power of 800W with [pi] Mode of Oscillation, PhD Thesis, University of Oradea
Supply magnetrons for radar band X band and S of the coordination centers and remote stations of the Maritime Security and Rescue Society.
5) determines the effective length of main constructive elements, respectively the filament of WTh and central core of Mo, assuring a correct behavior of weld joints during of magnetrons working.
He then focuses on microwave vacuum electronics, explaining the physics and theory of the interaction of electron beams with electromagnetic fields in quasi-stationary systems such as diodes and klystrons, systems with continuous interactions such as traveling wave tubes, backward magnetrons and crossed-field amplifiers, and systems based on stimulated radiation of classical electron oscillations.
The special arrangement of the magnetrons in the treatment chamber is said to assure a particularly uniform energy transfer to the product.
In combination with computer-controlled operation of the individual magnetrons, this hybrid chamber system (multi mode plus plane wave mode) allows one to obtain for the first time higher temperatures in the product centre (centre of the tray, half product height) than at the edges and corners.
Optional damage-free soft-etch modules and a variety of RF magnetrons are available to sputter many different dielectric and conductive films used in semiconductor and other electronic device production.
The results were successful and significant because they validate the MCMHU's heat engine specifically equipped with the latest heat exchanger design and recently re-designed water cooled magnetrons supplied by Asia's Witol/Midea factory.
Systems are available today with magnetrons of 3 to 6 kW or mini-magnetrons of 1.
Not only will this increase the throughput and prevent costly maintenance, it also provides a better film using a plasma which is more consistent than that provided by two magnetrons.
According to the USDC, "The application of alternative reactive sputtering technologies, such as pulsed DC magnetrons or dual magnetron subsystems, should allow for increased film quality and throughput, and lower cost of ownership for the deposition of insulators in TFEL devices.