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an oxide of iron that is strongly attracted by magnets

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Chapter Four 2009-2014 Global and China Market of Magnetite 4.
All holes were drilled at-60 degrees to the north and all were successful at intersecting magnetite mineralisation.
Drilling results thus show a coherent, wide zone of magnetite mineralization over a combined strike length of at least 4km at Cohen.
In addition to the magnetite intersections the Drilling Program also intersected gold and copper bearing mineralization.
dipping magnetite rich layer about 150m thick within an anorthositic gabbro.
These spectra were fitted with 2 sextets, one attributable to hematite and other to magnetite (Table 3).
We previously had utilized thermomagnetic analysis of carbonaceous chondrites to establish the presence of magnetite ([Fe.
Fitch Ratings has published a new issue report on Magnetite VII, Limited/Corp.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology used magnetite magnetic nanoparticles to separate desulfurization bacteria from the two-phase system of oil and water during a bio-desulfurization process and succeeded in the development of an effective technology to carry out the separation.
The optimisation study will focus on magnetite mining and processing, taking into account the project's Inferred JORC compliant magnetite resource to date (850Mt @27.
Gulfside and Pacific Rim agreement for option to acquire 100% interest in Port Snettisham Magnetite Iron Ore Deposit, Alaska
While drilling in the desert for uranium, Deep Yellow discovered magnetite mineralisations that proved to be substantial iron ore bodies, after laboratory analysis in Australia.
HIGHLIGHTS - Noront has intersected two zones of disseminated to semi-massive V-enriched magnetite over a width totalling 277.
Woodard said he has figured out a way to attach weights to solids and force them to settle, and he's done this with a well-guarded and top-secret process that uses magnetite, which is added to the sludge.
Now, the same researchers and their new collaborators have homed in on magnetite structure.