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Perhaps there was really a magnetism about the mesmerist; perhaps there was even more magnetism about the man mesmerized.
Grantly, unreal, unhealthy, scintillant with frigid magnetism, warmed and melted as though of truth she were dew and he sun.
Elliotson, despises pain, reads with the back of his head, sees miles off, looks into next week, and performs other wonders, of which, in his own private normal condition, he is quite incapable; so you see, in the affairs of the world and under the magnetism of friendships, the modest man becomes bold, the shy confident, the lazy active, or the impetuous prudent and peaceful.
As, in some cases of drunkenness, and in others of animal magnetism, there are two states of consciousness which never clash, but each of which pursues its separate course as though it were continuous instead of broken (thus, if I hide my watch when I am drunk, I must be drunk again before I can remember where), so Miss Twinkleton has two distinct and separate phases of being.
There was a magnetism of dulness in them which would have beaten down the most facetious companion that the earth ever knew.
He was a born boon companion, with a magnetism which drew good humour from all around him.
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Although atom-thick sheets of carbon called graphene have many extraordinary properties, magnetism isn't one of them.
Only a small shift in temperature is needed to dramatically alter magnetism of the metal bilayer - a tremendously useful property in electronic engineering, the BBC reported.
The densely packed text moves from electrostatics, potential surfaces, and dielectric theory through electric forces, currents, and basic circuits to steady-state magnetism, induction, magnetic materials, and complex circuits.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Using low-frequency laser pulses, a team of researchers has carried out the first measurements that reveal the detailed characteristics of a unique kind of magnetism found in a mineral called herbertsmithite.
2) Room-temperature studies of molecular magnetism on the molecular scale;
The paper, "Unexpected magnetism in gold nanostructures: Making gold even more attractive," by Professor Simon Trudel, University of Calgary, explains the cause of the unexpected magnetism in gold and explores how these properties could lead to potential applications in catalysis, medicine and data storage.
Turtles exposed to a field like one existing on the west side of the Atlantic swam north east and others given access to magnetism like that on the east side swam south west.
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