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Synonyms for magnetised

having the properties of a magnet

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MS of a man cutting the wood while the board is still magnetised to Elchiyev's body
The electric current supplied to the coils in the guideway walls is constantly alternating, to change the polarity of the magnetised coils.
Constructed from FDA approved materials, the pig contains magnetised silicone that allows it to negotiate 180[degrees] 'D' bends.
FN material is not itself magnetised, but it comprises tiny pieces of 'soft' magnetic metal material, which is easily magnetised but does notremain magnetised when the magnetic source is removed.
We're all drawn to fame and magnetised by it," the Daily Star quoted Hannan as saying.
This fabulous, weighty chain bracelet plated with 22carat gold, incorporates 34 stunning Swarovski crystals and is magnetised by seven magnets (a total of 800 ' gauss).
Tsubaki's standard 300 Series stainless steel drive chain has enabled one of Europe's largest metal packaging manufacturers to overcome the problem of chains becoming magnetised while operating in a curing oven at [sim]350[degrees]C 24 hours a day.
Magnetised needles were not used regularly as direction pointers until the 18th century when they became more accurate.