magnetic variation

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the angle (at a particular location) between magnetic north and true north

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If you can remember the mnemonic and the formula, you will never forget how to factor for magnetic variation.
In 1701 the Paramore surveyed the English Channel on a mission as much concerned with spying out French harbours as with measuring magnetic variations.
The reason is the magnetic variation used by your GPS, the chart designer, and the VOR defining an airway may all be different.
During the later sixteenth-century, the English had been successful with most questions of mathematical navigation--longitude excepted--including amplitude corrections of magnetic variation.
Magnetic variation varies from place to place and from year to year.
These and other useful features, such as an integral magnetic variation calculation and over 30,000 stored town/city coordinates, combine to enable a system to be either designed for any global location.
Your initial course can come from a GPS, a course to or from a true aligned navaid, a true aligned runway before departure, or over a point with known magnetic variation, such as a VOR.
Features included: - Digital link budgets for Satellite TV, SNG, radio and data - FM link budgets - Sun outage prediction (single site and satellite) - Sun outage batch file handling (multiple sites or multiple satellites) - Antenna aiming - Dual/multi feed positioning - Dish sizing - Polar mount alignment - EIRP, SFD and G/T map viewer - Automatic magnetic variation calculation - Solar transit times - Off-axis gains - Rain attenuation model (ITU-R P.