magnetic levitation

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high-speed rail technology

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Flyte sees some of Tesla's technology combined with magnetic levitation, opening up a magical world of possibilities.
It has been 52 years since the development of superconductive magnetic levitation technology first began.
The Bio-Assembler's fusion of magnetic levitation and nanoparticle assembly technology allows it to produce accurate, 3D representations of in vivo tissues faster and easier than any other existing tools.
The project is expected to cost more than $8 billion, an immense sum that has discouraged others from building hi-speed magnetic levitation lines.
HIGHGY, manufacturer of dynamic POS displays, has developed this technology and presents today its latest innovation: the integration of magnetic levitation in its POS displays thanks to a magnetic field enabling your products to "drift.
In the morning, Yildirim got on a magnetic levitation train (maglev) between downtown Shanghai and Pudong International Airport.
Known as "shape memory alloys," because many can restore their original shape when reheated, these materials are finding applications that include strengthening of steels, biomedical devices, orthodontic springs, aerospace actuators, cell phone antennas, magnetic levitation trains, automotive control systems, among others.
diplomatic facility in the world--and the first facility of any kind in Europe--to install an air-cooled chiller system based on magnetic levitation technology.
WITH all this talk about a new high-speed rail link from north to south has anyone even considered a magnetic levitation train.
By using magnetic levitation to fully suspend a spinning rotor, the Levacor VAD's only moving part, the pump is designed to eliminate wear and to provide unobstructed clearances for blood flow across a wide range of operation, the company added.
Sources in the ministry said the interim feasibility reports on high- speed trains -- which work on magnetic levitation which makes them ' float' on the track -- on the two routes are already with the railways.
Based at the North East Technology Park (NETPark) in Sedgefield, Durham Mag-Lev uses magnetic levitation to lift vehicles in wind tunnels.
Magnetic levitation is a system of transportation that suspends, guides and propels trains using magnetic forces.
Morris described how magnetic levitation technology can help reduce costs and in regional transit systems.