magnetic flux density

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the amount of magnetic flux in a unit area perpendicular to the direction of magnetic flow

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2 shows the lines of the same level of the magnetic flux density calculated for the rated currents of the TL.
The price to be paid is a narrower stator tooth or stator core that will increase magnetic flux density in these regions, increasing magnetic losses.
3]), the number of particles attached to the wire depends on the magnetic flux density.
According to Lorentz law, when exposed to a magnetic field, moving charged particles experience a force proportional to the product of their velocity and the magnetic flux density.
Specific topics include the effect of crack opening on the distribution of magnetic flux density around fatigue cracks, a hydrometallurgical pre-treatment process for recovering valuable metals from lead anode slime, mine tailings reprocessing in Da-Hongshan, optimizing the operational performance of diesel mining trucks using thermal management, a new fast multi-pole boundary element method for solving three-dimensional elastic problems, and removing boron from metallurgical-grade silicon by refining the slag with the yttria-silica system.
The obtained magnetic flux density is used as excitation field in the finite element method using bean model or flux flow-creep model of real HTSC bulk (type-II superconductors).
The ECL also leverages the Biot-Savart Law, which describes the relationship between a steady line current source and magnetic flux density at a point.
The magnetic flux density (B) of the proposed SLSRM is obtained and shown in Figure 4 for the beginning of alignment, half aligned and fully aligned positions.
The change in the magnetic flux density in this experiment is between 0.
The Maxwell's equation relates the electric field intensity and the magnetic flux density given by
Liquimag from S+S Inspection uses an array of rare earth neodymium magnets producing a very high magnetic flux density of 13,700gauss to attract and hold the smallest magnetic particles, even some stainless steel grades.
Applying Biot-Savart law, the magnetic flux density vector in an arbitrary point M([x.