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(computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored

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However, over-writing an existing page involves an expensive block erase operation which is typically not much faster than a write I/O for a magnetic disk.
The Tamar system, which inspects disk drive heads in a waffle pack, must automatically step through all the pockets on the waffle pack, capturing and finding each magnetic disk head in the image.
Finally, due to the small "fly height" and inherently reversible media, high data density magnetic disk storage is inherently incompatible with the need for both removable media and archival storage.
Thinking Machines found that its original strategy of adding more magnetic disk drives when more storage was needed didn't meet its operational requirements.
Data on removable media does not need to be protected, as does magnetic disk, because drive failures are independent of the media and can be taken off line and replaced without having to copy or restore data.
The 200 Lean provides higher throughput from a smaller footprint, which enables more magnetic disks to be manufactured per square-foot of factory floor space and is designed to reduce overall cost of ownership.
In order to solve this dilemma, the popular economy magnetic disk arrays combined with user-selectable WORM functionality deliver a non-alterable storage solution that is ideal for archival and regulated data storage.
On a magnetic disk, information is stored in tiny magnetized cells arranged along microscopic, circular tracks similar to the concentric grooves on phonograph records.
Current tape media will retain data for 15 to 30 years, far exceeding the retention requirements of almost all organizations and the useful lifetime of a magnetic disk drive.
To pack the same amount of information onto a conventional magnetic disk would require a recording head that skins the disk's surface at a height equivalent to an aircraft flying at full speed just inches off the ground.
This gives orders of magnitude improvement in data error rates compared to single channel systems such as magnetic disk drives.
Lastly, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the hard disk drive, contributions are being accepted to preserve the history and legacy of magnetic disk storage.
Is tape remaining cost competitive with magnetic disk technologies?
Unlike their magnetic disk cousins (where the understood physical limits of the medium are continually being challenged and redefined) tape manufacturers have proven that there is at least another 16-fold capacity increase possible by using technologies and materials that are already being tested in their labs.
Company) (Nasdaq:IVAC) received orders from multiple customers for a total of eleven 200 Lean(R) magnetic disk sputtering systems.