magnetic declination

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the angle (at a particular location) between magnetic north and true north

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What we don't think about too often is that airports have magnetic declination assigned to them as well, and it's not just for the runway numbers.
The EM Problem Model and Permittivity Characteristics of the Magnetized Plasma with Arbitrary Magnetic Declination
Production of magnetic declination maps for air and sea navigation.
During the past 4 millennia, magnetic declinations in Britain have varied through an angle of 70[degrees] and their magnetic dips have ranged about 25[degrees], the researchers report.
Silicon Labs sells a compass development kit ($80), which accounts for three-dimensional tilt and magnetic declination variations.
TABLE 1 Results from the Brassfield formation sbowing the core number as located in Figure 6, depth of the sample in meters, the magnetic declination/inclination of the high temperature component prior to rotation about the sample bedding plane, and magnetic declination inclination after rotation about the sample bedding plane.
An obvious cue is the Earth's magnetic field, in particular the magnetic declination, or the direction of the horizontal component of the magnetic field.
This can be corrected in two ways, either by resetting the GPS to use magnetic north as a reference or by adjusting the magnetic declination (found on all good compasses) to correspond with true north.
d) Update raster maps to EC-135 helicopter and simulator - edition 2014 aktualnepoprawki incorporating magnetic declination.
The figures show that both sensors see quite small changes in magnetic declination (for the variometer) and the east-west field strength (for the fluxgate).