magnetic bottle

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container consisting of any configuration of magnetic fields used to contain a plasma during controlled thermonuclear reactions

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One of them, David Louis, makes cutting-edge homewear (based on 3-D designs) including magnetic bottle openers and jigsaw-style metal coasters.
The collection includes an ice bucket and magnetic bottle opener.
Also on offer at the site is a magnetic bottle opener (pounds 19.
Researchers have found only one container that can confine a plasma--a magnetic bottle.
The Marshall Space Flight Center is conducting experiments leading to an antimatter trap, essentially a magnetic bottle that will contain the antiprotons in magnetic fields.
Also, avoid spilling drinks on important papers with the LockerMate Magnetic Bottle Holder ($5.
In 1966, he initiated the construction of a series of fusion experiments based on a new type of magnetic bottle using multipole magnetic fields to understand and reduce plasma turbulence.