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Synonyms for magnetic

Synonyms for magnetic

having the properties of a magnet

capable of being magnetized


determined by earth's magnetic fields

possessing an extraordinary ability to attract


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The requirements for businesses choosing to prepare and file wage reports on magnetic media are found in the SSA's Publication MMREF-1, Magnetic Media Reporting and Electronic Filing for Tax Years 2001, Submitting Annual W-2 Copy A Information to the SSA.
PBMCs also allow complex shapes and magnetic fields to be designed into the magnet.
Our deep understanding of the complex physical phenomena of how the AFC media works enabled us to be first in the industry to ship AFC media in products, and we're working to extend this technology to perform magnetic recording at 100 gigabits per square inch and beyond.
The two EMF exposure studies were performed in the magnetic field exposure test facilities at the MRI.
There are, of course, a plethora of accessories - from iron dust paint (so the words will stick to the wall) to do-it-yourself magnetic bumper stickers.
Electrical and magnetic fields of various frequencies are produced by any equipment which operates on electricity.
The 4190 unit will also allow the display to show the magnetic field in uT (micro tesla) rather than mG (milligauss).
Tracking the movement of plasma is pivotal for understanding the solar temperament because the charged gas carries parcels of the sun's magnetic field.
There are at present several Ultracold neutron (UCN) experiments that seek to measure the neutron lifetime using magnetic confinement techniques (see these proceedings).
This formulation is based on a new ultra-fine ceramic armor metal particle that is 40% smaller than first-generation SDLTtape media and possesses a higher magnetic power of 2600 oersted with superior archival properties.
Innovative magnetic separators offer the possibility and convenience of reclaiming more from scrap (resulting in more selling opportunities) while also lowering landfill costs.
Magnetic platen systems are catching on with a growing range of injection molders and are gaining popularity on large presses for the first time.
This paper obtains from the magnetorheological effect of magnetic fluid, the yield stress formula of magnetic liquid was deduced, based on the the yield stress formula of magnetic liquid, The mechanism of magnetic fluid seal is analyzed, the pressure formula of magnetic fluid seal is Concluded, and then the experimental investigation was conducted.
It can compress the magnetosphere, the magnetic shield that surrounds our planet.