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Synonyms for magnetic

Synonyms for magnetic

having the properties of a magnet

capable of being magnetized


determined by earth's magnetic fields

possessing an extraordinary ability to attract


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There is a good stone prison here; and there are, besides, a handsome church, a court-house, public offices, many commodious private residences, and a government observatory for noting and recording the magnetic variations.
2015 Deep Research Report on Global Magnetic Stripe Industry is a professional and depth research report on worldwide magnetic stripe markets.
Like a bar magnet, Earth's magnetic field has two poles.
It pulls out and sends iron and carbon steel material onto one path and also pulls out slightly magnetic stainless steel fragments and, via a splitter, sends them into another stream.
Key words: beta-decay; magnetic storage; Monte Carlo simulation; neutron lifetime; superconductivity; UCN.
Superparamagnetism occurs when the microscopic magnetic grains on the disk become so tiny that random thermal vibrations at room temperature cause them to lose their ability to hold their magnetic orientations.
When exposed to a magnetic field, particles will exhibit a specific response that classifies them in one of three groups: ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic.
Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field--an invisible shield that protects the planet from energized particles spewed forth by the sun.
These include silicon based dynamic and static random access memory (RAM), magnetic hard disk drives, optical disks (including write once read many [WORM], magneto/optic, CD-ROM, and DVD disk, and magnetic tape.
Check the status of magnetic media or electronic submission;
The Achilles' heel of thermoplastic PB magnets is their inability to equal the magnetic power of conventional magnets.
The key to IBM's new data storage breakthrough is a three-atom-thick layer of the element ruthenium, a precious metal similar to platinum, sandwiched between two magnetic layers.
Stevens (3) noted that a key characteristic of modern industrial society is the increased use of electric power, with its associated exposure to power-frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and the presence of high levels of light at night (LAN).
Wherever electrical power is generated, carried or used, electrical and magnetic fields are also generated.