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Harold March frowned at the tablecloth; then, after an interval, he said: "I think I understand your notion of how the thing was actually done; according to that, Morris just made a hole and fished it up with a magnet at the end of a string.
He littered it with tuning- forks, magnets, batteries, coils of wire, tin trumpets, and cigar-boxes.
Among the studies, the axial section method of permanent magnet is widely accepted.
What are the various unit operations involved in a ferrite magnet powder manufacturing plant?
Seek immediate medical attention if you think your child has swallowed a magnet.
The magnetic strength of this magnet greatly exceeds that of what had been the most powerful magnet in the world.
Using organic chemistry to control the structure of the organic molecules in turn provides a handle for controlling the structure and the properties of the magnet you make," Hicks says.
The first point of reference in identifying heat-related magnet problems is the magnet's duty cycle.
Rivera is one of 20,000 students attending nearly 30 magnet programs in over 60 schools throughout Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville.
Bunting says its Suspended Plate Magnets and Cross-Belt Separators are also frequently used in wood recycling applications.
Unified expects to receive about 65,000 applications for 16,000 magnet school openings.
The north-south structure of any magnet can be maintained by making the rotor with three layers: a top layer with the north pole of the neomax magnets facing outwards, a non-magnetic layer, and a south pole outward-facing layer.
Recently, Bose introduced a very different type of linear actuator, known as a moving magnet motor, that offers far greater capabilities in dynamic material property testing, while eliminating several of the drawbacks of traditional material testing technology.
The Clean-Flow magnet has two magnet drawers - known as grid magnets - mounted on top of each other and consisting of Neoflux magnets.