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the position of magistrate

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It was the place whence proclamations were wont to be made, amidst an assemblage of the magistracy, with all the ceremonial that attended such public observances in those days.
This penalty, whatever it may be, can only be inflicted in two ways: by the agency of the courts and ministers of justice, or by military force; by the COERCION of the magistracy, or by the COERCION of arms.
In neither case did the honor of the magistracy sustain any injury; for it is far better that a judge should be reputed imbecile or profound than deaf.
The upshot of all these reasonings was, that his Highness the Prince Stadtholder of Holland would feel infinitely obliged to the magistracy of the Hague if they simplified for him the government of the Seven Provinces by destroying even the least germ of conspiracy against his authority.
of "the aquatic worms" be brought before the local magistracy.
The Pakistani official will also visit several Moroccan courts as well as the Higher Institute of Magistracy.
Without volunteers who are willing to put their names forward to join the magistracy the administration of local justice as we know it will collapse.
His duties will include hosting and accompanying all Royal visits to the region and leading the local magistracy by chairing the Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace.
Sean Visoth, chief of administration for the trial, said the 29 judicial officers were selected by the nine-member Supreme Council of Magistracy in a meeting at the Royal Palace chaired by King Norodom Sihamoni, while a 30th reserve will be nominated by the United Nations later.
Mr Cover said: ``The scheme has provided an enlightening insight into the magistracy.
Hay addresses magisterial misconduct in "Dread of the Crown Office: the English Magistracy and King's Bench 1740-1800".
Add to this the imposition of Eurojust, loss of Habeas Corpus, loss of sovereignty of our courts, attempts to abolish the magistracy (currently failing because the changeover from one system to another is nigh on impossible), attempts to limit trial by jury etc.
Here, as with his discussion of Manuel, Ehrstine considers the political constraints within which von Rile composed his dramas, with a watchful civic magistracy that closely monitored the theocratic order of the city.
Instead, the magistracy is now a broad church with magistrates from all walks of life now passing judgement on a huge variety of crimes.
The Constabulary Act (Ireland) of 1836 created the resident magistracy to correct the long-standing problem of corrupt, inefficient, and partisan local justices.