magical ability

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an ability to perform magic

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In Barcelona's defence, who wouldn't miss a footballer of such celestial gifts, the magical ability to conjure up a goal out of nothing and a goalscoring record more redolent of a schoolboy football than a professional player?
Issues of race in the Harry Potter series are not addressed through skin color (it's a very homogenously white world) so much as through magical ability and parentage--whether one is of pure wizarding stock, has a Muggle parent or parents, or is a "squib" of wizarding ancestry but unable to perform spells.
Top this off with his magical ability to lead one (via phone or email) through any trying situation, and you have a real winning combination .
Retrieving the object from a wondrous cave, he releases a powerful genie from inside the lamp, whose magical ability to grant wishes helps the young hero thwart the villain's plans (Cert PG, 1992) ***
Sure it's a little slimy and spends a lot of time with its belly to the ground, but it also has the magical ability to re-grow a leg if it loses one.
He always believed he had no magical ability whatsoever, but when it comes to the attention of the current Chrestomanci (Christopher Chant) that his sister is actually using Cat's lives to heighten her magical abilities, they are both moved into the Castle and begin lessons.
What she had was a magical ability to touch people.
Many current and prospective golf course developers in former eastern bloc countries have been persuaded of the game's seemingly magical ability to provide outstanding investment returns.
An elf can heal himself just by standing still, is the fastest of all the races and has the most magical ability.
The gecko has the seemingly magical ability to walk upside down as if gravity has no affect on it whatsoever.
Most impressive in last week's semis, this is a dog with that magical ability to change gear down the back-straight and, allied to searing early speed, is fancied to hold his field at bay.
Jews believe that Moses had the magical ability to part the Red Sea.
Though each one of them has a unique magical ability, simple power is not enough; they will have to work together to save Inspire and seek the path home.
Together they suggest Nijinsky's enigmatic persona, his distinctive musculature and physicality, compelling stage presence, and magical ability to transform himself into any character he played.