magical ability

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an ability to perform magic

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I HAD quite a soft spot for Mr Tumble, with his cheery ways and magical ability to keep a very active toddler rooted to the spot for more than 10 minutes.
He works very hard on the training ground and is very analytical but we are really excited about him as he has magical ability.
Rahaman has, while relating the tale of Razia, appropriated the spicier elements of story telling and laced them with traditional recipes--both drawn from the lively Kutchi Memon community, while she explores the idea that food has the magical ability to create sensuous mood alterations.
She has a magical ability to bring out the best in authors and their articles.
I speak to them of the idea of literature and its magical ability to allow readers to see themselves within the stories that are created.
I was somewhat mystified by his magical ability to glide past opponents without appearing to do anythingspecial or without appearing to change his pace.
In the film, Mel Gibson plays an ad exec who receives the magical ability to read women's minds and uses it to create an inspiring ad campaign for Nike aimed at women.
These 14 vases, which Urquiola produced for the 2011 Glasstress biennial, effectively illustrate her magical ability to transform glassblowing into a ceremonial art.
I wasn't referring to her ability to push through the difficult times or her magical ability to create a Christmas extravaganza on a shoestring.
But it wasn't just a case of firing balls at his head, you can pass to his feet too and of course he has that magical ability to control it with his chest - seemingly regardless of how hard it is fired at him.
Aside from the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' elicited by anyone witnessing the system's seemingly magical ability to control a telescope, we found the range and reliability of the setup equally impressive, controlling telescopes from up to 30 meters (100 feet) away.
Thus the excited throng felt able to walk over the burning embers with a new-found magical ability.
How do you follow on the heels of a red-haired sorceress of Latin American theatre, known for her magical ability to turn Bogota's dream of international recognition into reality--a sort of female Prospero who conjured the impossible out of thin air?
I believe Google's almost magical ability to find what we seek on the web has made findability inside the firewall look too easy.