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PC Marshall says she is optimistic that the divers will be able to reunite Mr Hill with his magic trick.
Should I ask her out or does she see me as Coleen says YOU won't know unless you ask her but you have to be prepared that she might just be a really friendly girl and dead impressed that you can do magic tricks.
A particularly evocative picture is that of Levin's and Werner's hands as they do a magic trick together.
The cats can be initially seen in the video just looking at what the magician is doing but before Mr Lax could even finish his magic trick, the cats start to walk away from the magician.
Relating the most dangerous magic trick he ever performed, Mayne answered, "I take liquid nitrogen, pour it into a glass, I drink it, and I spit out the smoke or the steam.
That's two free magic tricks a year," Pinnell said.
If you read the instructions for a magic trick and go right out and show someone, chances are it won't work, you'll forget something, or you will get caught.
Similarly aligned with the brown region are his outstretched arms, which probably aren't actually his: His green-brown shirt's sleeves seem folded behind his back; the forearms--sheathed in red sleeves--emerge from under them, as if someone were standing behind him, performing a magic trick.
Maskelyne matched magic trick with magic trick in a game of wits with Arab leaders poised to betray the British position in Egypt.
MAGIC TRICK could be in line for a trip to Ascot on May 2 after getting off the mark in the five-furlong maiden at Newmarket yesterday, writes Tony Elves.
Whet your students' appetites by sharing a magic trick with them.
Make the other amazing magic trick appear by turning the page
Marzena Rogalska, host of the Polish show 'Question for Breakfast,' got more than she bargained for when she agreed to participate in a magic trick on live television.
99 (each) MAGIC TRICK GIFT TIN Tins packed with fun times.