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Magic tricks and stunt accessories are sold separately.
We saw a repeat of the earlier magic trick to conclude the show, except this time there were lights, a magician's assistants and a cape for this established comedy superhero.
The cats can be initially seen in the video just looking at what the magician is doing but before Mr Lax could even finish his magic trick, the cats start to walk away from the magician.
That's two free magic tricks a year," Pinnell said.
If you read the instructions for a magic trick and go right out and show someone, chances are it won't work, you'll forget something, or you will get caught.
Maskelyne matched magic trick with magic trick in a game of wits with Arab leaders poised to betray the British position in Egypt.
MAKING words and pictures appear out of thin air and on to a glass screen is a good magic trick in itself, some might say.
MAGIC TRICK could be in line for a trip to Ascot on May 2 after getting off the mark in the five-furlong maiden at Newmarket yesterday, writes Tony Elves.
Make the other amazing magic trick appear by turning the page
I will print the answer and how the magic trick works in the next column.
New York, Sept 30 (ANI): An amateur Houdini has apologised for his weird and embarrassing magic trick that appeared to rip off a female teacher's bra through her shirt.
He performed his first magic trick at the age of five, learning from The Times of India's children's page.
A children's entertainer had sex with a schoolgirl after she helped him with a magic trick, Cardiff Crown court heard yesterday.
Just remember the biggest magic trick is nothing compared to God's tiniest miracle.
Washington, May 30 (ANI): She will not reveal how it will be done but Katy Perry is determined to try her hands in a magic trick during her California Dreams Tour in the U.